GPS Tracking for Electric Cars

25 Jul 2017

Electric cars offer many benefits to the planet and the people who drive them. Among those benefits are fewer emissions, a step away from reliance on fossil fuels, and greatly reduced operating expenses over traditional fuel-burning vehicles – even hybrids. As more people are making the investment in electric cars, we are seeing a need for GPS tracking to help maximize and protect your investment. These are a few ways GPS tracking for electric cars can benefit you.

24/7 Monitoring of Your Vehicle

Because GPS car tracking allows you to set perimeters for your vehicle you can receive instant notifications if it is moved outside of its designated area even when you are sleeping. Why is this important? Unlike traditional vehicles, electric cars make little noise. You won’t be able to rely on your ears to alert you that your car has been cranked or moved. Also, if your car is stolen, you know as soon as it leaves your designated area rather than finding out later. This aids in the swift recovery of your electric vehicle.

State of Charge Monitoring

A significant benefit of GPS tracking designed for electric vehicles is that you can continuously monitor your car’s state of charge (SOC). This lets you know when it is time to think about returning home or finding a charging station. It also indicates whether you can make a specific trip without locating public charging stations along the way.

Trip Optimization

Trips in electric cars aren’t exactly like trips with fuel-burning vehicles. While electric cars are becoming more widely used, charging stations are increasingly available throughout the country. However, they are not yet as widely available as gasoline fueling stations. It means you have to plan and optimize your travels to accommodate the need to recharge along the way – particularly if you’re traveling outside of the range of your electric car. GPS tracking can help you map a travel route that optimizes the efficiency of your electric car and that accommodates your need to recharge along the way.

Trip optimization with GPS tracking can help in many ways by helping you plan for the shortest driving time, fewest miles, or access to charging stations along the way. This helps you save time, money, and frustration when traveling while ensuring you don’t find yourself stranded without access to a charging station.

GPS tracking can help you get more from your electric car experience now and later. All you need to do is make the investment. Contact an expert at LiveViewGPS to learn more about vehicle tracking1-888-544-0494



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