GPS Tracking Device Plays Role in the Liam Neeson Thriller “The Commuter”

25 Jan 2018

GPS tracking is showing up everywhere these days – including an action-packed railroad flick starring Liam Neeson. “The Commuter” promises theater audiences a suspense-filled ride as mystery woman, Joanna, makes dangles an attractive character in front of cash-strapped family man, Michael MacCauley, played by Neeson.

It was the perfect storm of events for MacCauley who had just become the victim of corporate downsizing and was facing a long ride home aboard the same commuter train he had taken for 10 years.

The carrot?

Neeson is tasked with planting a GPS tracking device on one of the passengers, one who doesn’t belong, on his commuter train before it makes his final stop for the day. The payoff for doing so is $100,000. There is an envelope with $25,000 cash in the train’s bathroom to serve as a down payment. If he takes the cash, he is agreeing to do the job.

The problem?

Of course, there’s a problem, it wouldn’t be a great Liam Neeson film otherwise, right? Well, the task isn’t quite as straightforward as promised.

While the task is as much physical as psychological with Neeson taking a few punches and landing a few of his own, the taskmaster disappears from sight and threatens MacCauley’s while sending electronic messages and threats should all not go as planned.

In fact, (spoiler alert),  it ends up with MacCauley being framed for all the carnage that takes place on the train and a train wreck of a climax (no pun intended).

For people who take films seriously and want a compelling story and in-depth plot, this may not be the best fit for you. However, if you’re one who prefers plot lines thin and action heavy, then you’ll love the fact that this movie has more twists and turns than should be possible on a commuter train from New York.

Fortunately, GPS trakcing is there to save the day if anything goes wrong. While many would argue that Liam Neeson is a big name and a huge draw for this film, others might state that Joanna’s shoes stole the show – despite their oh-so-brief appearance. Perhaps they should have garnered a little GPS tracking love, so every woman can have a pair for herself.

This technology can be used to track a variety of people: from GPS tracking for teen drivers to GPS tracking dementia patients, and even GPS tracking for children who have certain illnesses and tendencies to wander. Fortunately, most GPS tracking situations don’t come with the degree of violence witnessed in “The Commuter.”-

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