How GPS Tracking Benefits Snowmobile Rental Shops

27 Dec 2017

Snowmobile rental businesses are fast-paced businesses that can do a ton of turnover in the course of a day. You might not realize just how much GPS tracking can help you improve the operation and profits of your business.

Below are just a few ways you can grow your snowmobile rental shop with the use of a GPS fleet tracking system.

Recovery of Stolen Snowmobiles

This is one of the most important benefits of GPS tracking in your line of work. When snowmobiles are out of your sight they make tempting targets for thieves of opportunity – especially when being rented by people who aren’t highly motivated to protect your property. GPS powered asset tracking allows you to track the location of your snowmobiles in real time so you can alert law enforcement authorities to the exact location of your snowmobiles and aid in their swift recovery when they are stolen.

Aid in Search and Rescue Efforts

Snowmobiling does present some risk to riders. Sudden storms, accidents, and other hazards along the way can make for intensely dangerous situations. GPS tracking allows you to pinpoint the location of snowmobiles so you can rescue riders who may be stranded, have broken down, or are in the midst of medical emergencies. When seconds can save lives, conserving hours of searching over large masses of land is certainly helpful.

Improve Customer Experience

Not only can you allow customers to use GPS to track their snowmobile adventures, but when you rent by the hour, you can be precise when billing adventurers for their time. GPS tracking systems operate in real time, effectively eliminating disputes about the amount of time spent having fun in the snow. Improving the overall customer experience means more recommendations and repeat business for you.

Ensure Customers Find Their Way Home

Another benefit of GPS tracking is that it can be used to help your customers navigate back home if they get a little bit turned around and lost along the way. While life would be better if everyone stayed on the prescribed track, the truth is that many do not. This can lead to lost people, search and rescue efforts, and a few dangerous situations alone the way. GPS tracking for your snowmobiles helps to reduce these risks.

As a snowmobile rental shop, your best efforts are spent building your business, not tracking down lost riders, assets, and more. GPS tracking for your snowmobiles can aid in that leaving you free to follow more profitable pursuits for your business.

If you own or manager a snowmobile rental shop, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn about the benefits of GPS tracking to safeguard your fleet of snowmobiles and safety of your riders.



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