GPS Tracking for ATMs

28 Nov 2017

ATMs offer convenient and necessary services in today’s society. You can find them anywhere and everywhere. What you may not know about these automated teller machines is that they are also attractive targets for thieves. In fact, some thieves in Conway, Arkansas have gotten quite bold with their ATM theft by using a forklift to remove the entire ATM machine, load it on a truck and drive off with it.

Attacks on ATMs have also been made using crowbars, welding torches, and sledgehammers. In these instances, silent alarms were triggered alerting law enforcement before any cash could be taken from the machines.

As you can see, using GPS tracking for ATMs can help apprehend the offenders and recover your cash back quickly and efficiently in cases like this. Below are just a few of the great ways it can help.

Offers Real Time Tracking

This is perhaps the most important benefit GPS tracking for ATMs has to offer. When you notify law enforcement of the theft, they can go to the exact location of the machine and recover it before anyone has time to retrieve the money and run. The longer the delay between notifying law enforcement and retrieving the machine, the less likely it will be for you to recover the cash from inside the machine.

Triggers Automatic Silent Alarm when ATM is Moved

It can also be configured to trigger the alarm when the ATM machine is tilted or otherwise tampered with for an added layer of security. The key is that the proper authorities will be notified instantly when suspicious activities occur so that swift action can be taken rather than discovering the theft long after it has taken place when the trail has grown cold.

Sends Out Text and Email Notifications when ATM is Attacked

Not only will a silent alarm be triggered by the ATM when it is moved or tilted – according to how you have configured your machine, but you will also receive direct email or text alerts (also according to your preferences) letting you know the machine is being moved. You can follow the machine’s location directly on your mobile phone, tablet, or home computer while informing law enforcement of its location.

According to NPR, attacks on ATMs have cost U.S. ATM owners approximately $4.5 million each year. As thieves around the world grow bolder in how they attack ATM machines for money, it is becoming increasingly necessary for owners of these machines to protect their investments. GPS tracking allows you to do just that



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