GPS Management: Pure Satellite Systems For Fleet Management

27 May 2008

If you are running yourself ragged by trying to keep track of business vehicles, then you need to stop!  Case in point:  You have three trucks out on the road making deliveries.  The first truck gets to its destination without difficulty.  The second truck breaks down and you have no clue where the third truck is at this point.  You try to contact your drivers.  You contact the first driver via cell phone and learn that your delivery is being made.  The second driver contacts you and tells you that the truck is broken down.  You can’t reach the third driver.  You are completely frustrated and you are only monitoring three trucks.  Think about what would happen if you had fleets of trucks to manage. 
What would you do then? 

The best thing that you can do for your business is to invest in an all satellite GPS fleet management system.  These types of systems will allow you to get real time information about each vehicle out on the road.  You will know with a click of your mouse exactly where your drivers are, if there is a problem with any vehicle and the status of all of your assets.  A satellite GPS system will allow you to quickly and directly communicate with each driver.  You will be able to very easily adjust your deliveries so that it is more efficient and minimizes wasted time.  No longer will you have to have vehicles go from uptown to downtown.  You can direct your fleet to avoid wasted time and gas as
well as increase your customer service. 


In a nut shell, a Satellite GPS tracking system will offer any fleet management company the following:


  • Real time vehicle tracking and location
  • No dead spots
  • Dispatch and communication between you and your drivers via MDT
  • Reports for each vehicle including start and stop times, location of vehicle and length of time at each stop.
  • You can also get reports about how long a vehicle sits and idles.  Hardbraking and Power Take Off reports are also available. 
  • Alerts set to your specifications.  These alerts can include things like speeding, going off route and out of boundary as well as more specific sensors for things like temperature, weight and even gas amount for each vehicle.

By investing in a Satellite GPS tracking system, fleet management businesses will flourish.  No longer will you be wondering where your employees are. You will know almost immediately what they are doing, if they are on time and being productive. With implementation of a Satellite GPS tracking system, you will be able to utilize your vehicles more efficiently and increase your customer


Start saving money and increasing the productivity of your employees by investing in a Satellite GPS tracking system for your business.  You will wonder how you ever got along without one. 

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