How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help You Better Manage Vehicle Warranties

29 Oct 2018

Warranties and extended warranties, especially when buying used fleet vehicles, can make all the difference in the world for keeping expenses low in the initial months you own your new vehicles. These are just a few benefits of vehicle warranties and extended warranties:

  • Allows you to buy used vehicles without worries over most mechanical issues.
  • Reduces costs for smaller fleets that might not be interested in self-insuring vehicles.
  • Improves fleet vehicle resale values potentially (especially beneficial in fleets that rarely keep vehicles beyond three years, according to Fleet Financials).

Of course, there are ways to get more value from your warranty and GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your vehicle warranties better, so you can do just that. These are a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help you get more mileage from your fleet vehicle warranties.

Avoid Paying for Repairs Covered by Warranties

There’s no point in paying for warranties if you’re going to pay for repairs it covers. Your GPS fleet tracking system can flag repairs covered by warranties to avoid you paying for them unnecessarily. It’s true that not all repairs are covered by warranties, but you’ll extend your return on investment if you always check to avoid paying unnecessary expenses. Even if you only avoid paying for one repair per vehicle, the warranty could conceivably pay for itself.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Some warranties have stipulations that they will not pay for certain repairs if you can’t prove you’ve provided appropriate maintenance to the vehicle. Not only can your GPS fleet management system automatically schedule regular maintenance, keeping you on track for validating warranties, it also provides documentation showing proof that your fleet vehicles have been maintained appropriately and the repairs aren’t necessary due to a lack of maintenance.

Keep Up with Warranties for Each Individual Vehicle

The other benefit of GPS fleet tracking is that it keeps you “in the know” about each individual vehicle as far as covered repairs and even as you approach the end of your warranty. That way you know, in an instant, which vehicles are covered by warranty and the number of miles or months remaining on the warranties. The larger your fleet, the more difficult this can be to manage through traditional means. Using GPS fleet technology helps to reduce the administrative burden of managing warranties.

Want to learn more about managing fleet warranties and getting more mileage from your GPS fleet tracking system? We can help. Call us today here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

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