GPS Fleet Tracking for Granite Countertop Installers

26 Sep 2017

GPS tracking is highly beneficial for granite countertop installers in more ways than you might realize. These are just a few of the ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your business.

Track Valuable Granite

GPS fleet tracking isn’t only good for keeping up your vehicles or mapping out your routes for the day. Granite countertops are high value items that are greatly in demand these days. The more valuable the granite countertops on your trucks happen to be, the greater the odds that someone, along the way will try to abscond with one or more of these valuable slabs of granite. With GPS fleet tracking you can track the granite in real time so you can help law enforcement quickly locate and retrieve the granite that was taken from you.

Track Tools

In addition to tracking granite for your business, you can also use GPS fleet tracking to help you keep track of the necessary tools for your business. Some of them can be quite expensive and whether workers accidentally leave with them on their belts at the end of the day or others walk off with them intending to use or sell them, you will be able to locate and retrieve your expensive countertop installation tools – a process far less costly than replacing them.

Provide  Proof of Service

Because GPS fleet tracking can be used to locate your vehicles’ exact GPS coordinates (and record them) you have proof of how long your workers spent on various job sites – which can be instrumental in standing your ground and proving your point if customers ever raise questions about your hourly billing.

Keep Laborers Honest

Another, often unintended, benefit of GPS fleet tracking is that it encourages your laborers to stay on task and complete their jobs in a timely manner. Because you can track the whereabouts of all your laborers and know exactly how long people are spending on their assigned tasks, laborers have added incentive to not be the last one to finish assignments on any given day.

While you don’t want them to work too fast and compromise the integrity of the work they are doing, you also want your laborers motivated to get the job done. GPS fleet tracking provides an unspoken level of competition among the men working for you to never be last.

Whether you are looking to protect your equipment, the merchandise you provide, prove your service, or protect your income, GPS fleet tracking can help. It goes so much further than planning efficient routes and saving fuel. So, why haven’t you made the leap for your granite countertop installation business?

To learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can benefit your granite countertop installation business, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.



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