What are GEO Fences?

16 Nov 2015


The term GEO fence refers to a virtual perimeter that is established so that specific triggering devices entering or leaving the perimeter will trigger an alert via text message or email. It can be highly beneficial to businesses today and is one more way that GPS tracking is changing the way we do business today – for the better.

How are GEO Fences Beneficial for Businesses?

There are actually several ways that GEO fences benefit businesses today. The one that comes to mind first for most people, as it is associated with GPS services, is tracking business vehicles after hours. Why would you want to do that?

  • To prevent the theft of company vehicles or at least aid in their faster recovery.
  • To catch off-hour use of business vehicles by employees.
  • To catch employees in the act of moonlighting with your business property and your business name.
  • To reduce the costs of insuring business vehicles.

Protects Inventory

The benefits do not end here, however. Other benefits focus on protecting inventory. This is particularly useful if you have concerns over disappearing inventory or if you’re going to be responsible for high value inventory, art, equipment, etc.

It allows you to establish a specific, reasonable perimeter where the equipment can be moved around without worry, but notifies you in the event that the inventory, equipment, etc. moves outside the prescribed perimeter. This helps you to confirm the problem and gives you an opportunity to catch the perpetrators in action.

Discourages Careless, Accidental, or Intentional Employee Theft

Yet another reason is to make your employees more aware of their activities and action. By forcing them to pay attention to where they are on the property, what they have on board when leaving the property, etc. you can avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications so that no inventory, vehicles, equipment, etc. ends up somewhere it shouldn’t be.

It keeps everyone honest because they know the tracking is taking place. This helps businesses avoid intentional and accidental employee theft alike. It also reminds employees of their roles for preventing theft.

Informs Business Staff of Incoming Traffic

From drive thru windows at restaurants and dry cleaners to businesses that have long entrances and receive many deliveries throughout the day, it’s a good idea to receive notification of incoming traffic with enough time to take appropriate actions and speed the process along. GPS fleet tracking services, utilizing GEO fences help to establish that perimeter.

Now is the perfect time to explore the potential benefits of GEO fences and other GPS fleet tracking services for your business. These are only a few of the highlights for what it has to offer you.

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