Factors that Contribute to Teen Driving Crashes

22 May 2019

The leading cause of teen death in the U.S. is motor vehicle crashes. Over the past few years, around 300 teenagers have died in accidents during prom weekends due to alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Around six teens die every single day from car crash injuries, according to the CDC. When a teenager is the cause of a serious motor vehicle accident, it can cause a devastating outcome for the families of all those involved, especially if it results in fatal injuries.

There are several factors that contribute to the teen vehicle crash rate.

  1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is where you engage in something that takes your mind and eyes off the road, like eating, texting, using the phone, chatting with passengers and turning the radio. Since driving requires manual, cognitive and mental concentration, even the smallest distraction can turn into a disaster. And, during the night when your visibility is decreased, distracted driving is even more dangerous.

  1. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol increases the risk of accidents for any driver, including young drivers. A study showed when drug or alcohol use was in play, adolescent drivers were 3.3 times more probable to suffer a serious injury.

  1. Inexperience

Inexperience is one of the biggest reasons for teen crashes. Teens struggle with driving the proper speed for conditions, judging gaps in traffic, turning safely and other things.

  1. Texting While Driving

In the technological age today, nearly 90 percent of teenagers in the U.S. own a smartphone. Because of this, texting while driving has become a huge reason behind vehicle crashes involving teens.

  1. Driving With Teenage Passengers

The biggest distraction for teen drivers is driving with friends as passengers. Studies show when teen passengers are present, it can increase a teen driver’s chances of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as well as engage in peer pressure-related reckless driving. While they may feel uncomfortable engaging in these unsafe practices, they also are eager to impress their peers.

Your parental involvement doesn’t end just because your teen gets their license. Each year in October, the NHTSA sponsors “Teen Driver Safety Week.” As a parent, you’re your teen driver’s biggest influencer, even if you think they’re not listening to you. You can find a number of useful resources at the DriveitHOME website to help your teen gain experience driving. Also, consider utilizing technology, iike GPS teen tracking, for your peace of mind and improved teen driving safety.

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