Countdown to December 18, 2017

19 Oct 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule to encourage safer driving practices for fleet drivers, workplaces for drivers, and roadways for everyone. The gist of the law is simple. By December 18, 2017, all drivers and carriers falling under the scope of the ELD rule will be required to either have ELDs that are registered with the FMCSA or AOBRDs (automatic on board recording devices) to serve as records of duty status (RODS).

That’s not the end of it, though as far as the ELD rule timeline goes. This is only Phase 2 of the process. The third and final phase (also known as the Full Compliance Phase) begins on December 16, 2019. On that date, all commercial motor vehicles affected by the ELD rule must be fully compliant with ELDs that are certified, registered, and comply with ELD mandate requirements. This means that even AOBRDs will be obsolete and no longer qualify for the mandate.

What does this mean for fleet operators?

Making the transition to an ELD, now, is a better solution that merely upgrading to an AOBRD that will need to be replaced within the next two years. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that there is a learning curve involved for operators and drivers when a new system is put into place. It will be far more cost effective to move on now and adopt a qualifying ELD for your fleet rather than go through two new learning curves and all the costs associated with them.

What are the benefits of adopting ELDs to fleet owners?

Aside from compliance with the law, there are many benefits to consider when it comes to adopting ELDs for your fleet. Number one, of course, is compliance with the new ELD rule. Failure to comply can prove costly for fleet owners with initial fines calculated in the neighborhood of $8,672 per “acute violation.”

The other benefits are for the roadways, your business, and the reputation of your business. It includes things like healthier drivers who aren’t suffering from burnout or sleep deprivation due to too many hours behind the wheel, absolute proof of driving hours, and defense for your business against claims of driver harassment.

ELDs will also help to reduce the amount of paperwork you must manage and file, provide better route management, aid in fuel management, reduce liabilities, and may reduce insurance premiums. In other words, the costs of compliance will be quickly regained through savings in fuel costs, administrative overhead, and insurance premiums making it a win for everyone!

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