What are the Benefits of Plug and Play GPS Tracking Devices?

15 Apr 2019

There are various reasons why you should install a GPS tracking device in your fleet vehicles. Each company will have its own reasons for using a GPS tracker. Some companies are looking to be able to find their assets anywhere, at any time. They want to know where their vehicles have been and how long they’ve been there for.

Others may want to assess driver behavior and be alerted if poor driving behavior occurs that they need to handle quickly. A plug and play (PNP) GPS tracking device can get you set up quickly to start tracking and monitoring your fleet in real time.

Plug and Play GPS trackers hook right up to a vehicle’s OBD-II port (On-board diagnostics). All vehicles manufactured after 1996 should come with an installed OBD-II port located usually next to the steering wheel.

Benefits of Plug and Play GPS Tracking Devices

There are many benefits to using a PNP GPS tracking device. They install discretely and easily. They’re secure, durable and totally self-contained. They don’t require any hardwired connections, thereby making it incredibly simple to install into a vehicle with an OBD-II port. Other benefits include:

Vehicle Diagnostic Data

When plugged into compatible vehicles, these GPS trackers return engine and car data, including:

  • VIN numbers
  • Fuel level
  • Engine issue codes
  • Engine RPM

The details of the data you’ll receive will vary depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Assign Drivers a Device, Swap Vehicles

If some of your drivers share cars when working their shifts, you can assign a tracker to each driver that they’ll plug in when their shift begins. If they need to swap vehicles, they can easily unplug the device and plug it into the next vehicle with simplicity.

Deployed Fleet of Trucks and Cars

OBD-II GPS trackers work great for vehicles that run out of remote offices. You don’t need to worry about coordinating installers. Just send a box of PNP GPS trackers to the office managers.

Built-In In-Cab Driver Coaching

Most GPS tracking devices come with built-in buzzers that release an audible sound when triggered to the driver. The buzzer coaches in the moment and informs the driver to correct their driving behavior like:

  • Harsh braking
  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration

Doesn’t Drain Battery

The PNP GPS tracking device is designed specifically to minimize battery draining. It stays connected to a vehicle for weeks without affecting the battery.

Engine Data

Easy and quick to assess your fleet and determine which vehicles are reporting engine alerts and which require fuel. You can see which drivers drive your vehicles more aggressively when using a GPS fleet tracking solution.

These are only some of the many benefits of plug and play GPS tracking devices. To find out more information about these trackers and see which one is best for your needs, you can contact us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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