How Air Duct Cleaning Companies Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

30 Dec 2017

When you’re in the business of air duct cleaning, you sometimes have time-sensitive runs to make – especially when you’re gearing up for busy summer and winter seasons. GPS fleet tracking can help you keep track of your vehicles and so much more – even when business is booming. These are just a few of the ways your air duct cleaning company can benefit from GPS fleet tracking.

Cut Operating Expenses

By scheduling more efficient routes, monitoring your vehicles more carefully, and keeping your drivers on task and on target, you’re cutting costs – in bigger ways than you may realize. You’ll notice that not only are your fuel costs each month going down, but you can also reduce your insurance costs and your labor costs with effective GPS fleet tracking.

That doesn’t even take into account the long-term savings you can enjoy as a result of scheduling maintenance to decrease vehicle breakdowns and extend the life, fuel efficiency, and usefulness of your fleet vehicles.

Enjoy Greater Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are repeat customers. How do you make them happy? In the service industry, you give them narrow service windows or appointment times and you show up to clean their air ducts when you say you will. GPS tracking allows you to provide more accurate time estimates and helps drivers avoid unnecessary delays that might otherwise delay their arrival.

It also helps you to make sure your drivers are where they’re supposed to be and not taking care of personal business on company time – business that would otherwise cause delays to the appointment schedule. GPS routing also ensures that no customers gets missed on your daily schedules which means you won’t have dissatisfied customers because of work orders or invoices getting lost in the shuffle, which can happen with traditional routing methods.

Allows You to Track Drivers More Effectively

Keeping your drivers on task and on target is difficult without GPS fleet tracking. You can’t follow them around all day to make sure they’re driving safely, not taking care of personal errands, going off-route, or earning a little extra on your dime (and in your vehicles during the day). GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor all these things and more.

You can use GPS fleet tracking to notify you if air duct cleaning trucks make unexpected stops, detour from their prescribed routes, are operational after hours, and even if they engage in reckless driving activities such as speeding, hard braking, swerving, and aggressive actions like weaving in and out of traffic. These things can help you keep your drivers on their toes and under control – even when you’re not looking over their shoulders.

With so many ways to benefit from GPS fleet tracking the big question to ask yourself is why haven’t you used GPS tracking for your air duct cleaning business before now?

Here at LiveViewGPS, we can help answer that question and other questions about how your air duct cleaning company can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. Give us a call at 1-888-544-0494 today!



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