6 Benefits of GPS Tracking for Livestock Transportation Services

7 Oct 2020

Livestock, like goats and cattle, is typically relocated between states and countries, which owes to their productivity. The farming and agriculture industry adopted fleet tracking tools and technology early on. Tractors, plows, combines, and more began smart agriculture and the U.S. agricultural industry today continues taking advantage of newer, innovative technology, like GPS tracking to make their businesses better.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) granted a waiver in December 2017 for electronic logging devices (ELDs) to ag haulers, pushing the deadline for ELD mandate compliance for ag/livestock haulers to mid-March. And, livestock haulers must have ELDs to stay compliant.

Apart from maintaining FMCSA compliance, ELDs like GPS fleet tracking also have a number of other benefits that can simplify ag/livestock hauler operations, making them more productive.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Livestock Haulers

Some benefits include:

  1. Safety

Primary importance is herd safety and is the biggest reason why GPS plays a significant role. It helps prevent theft and in simple animal identification.

  1. Real-Time Information

Livestock hauler vehicles are required to have a GPS mechanism for providing real-time data to the stakeholders.

  1. Reduce Fuel Wastage

With GPS tracking, ag/livestock haulers can save a lot of money each year by reducing idling and fuel wastage. GPS fleet tracking devices have an idle-time tracking feature allowing you to identify fleet drivers who are idling too frequently or for too long. You can quickly and easily identify drivers requiring immediate coaching by ranking them by utilization rate and then making a comparison against the fleet average.

  1. Fewer Violations

Based on GPS fleet tracking data, it’s been analyzed and shown 13.61% of all inspections ag/livestock haulers are looking at Level-1 inspections. With GPS tracking, you’re equipped better for passing these inspections without violations. And, when you have fewer violations, it means:

  • Less hassle
  • Higher profit
  • Better CSA scores
  • Quicker roadside inspections
  1. Locate Lost Animals

An obvious use for GPS fleet tracking of livestock is for locating animals that have wandered off from their herd. However, GPS tracking has far broader uses. Instead of purchasing a simple GPS tracking device for each single animal so you can have peace of mind in the event one becomes lost, you can instead create a custom GPS tracking device that will measure data every day.

It will continue tracking down animals that have become lost, but also, you can collect a great deal of other information on the animals, allowing for improved overall health and living conditions.

  1. Real-time Alerts

Use real-time notifications to prevent hazards and alert you of any vehicle movement. This enables you to contact the authorities right away to help avoid total loss or theft. On the same note, if you know of a major storm that’s about to pass through your land, you could check to see if you have any assets that will be in the path of destruction and move them before any damage occurs.

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