6 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Portable Moving and Storage Containers

23 Sep 2020

Shippers would like to provide their clients with correct information on where their containers are while en-route in an efficient and seamless way.

Importers would like to make sure the items they’re bringing into countries arrive complete, securely and intact. They also would like to know the exact time they’ll arrive and when they can have them picked up. The simplest way of securing and tracking shipping containers, portable storage units and reefers is through GPS tracking. You simply login to the dashboard of your GPS tracking device and you can monitor the container anywhere in the world in real-time.

Governments want to make sure cargo that arrives on land is taxed properly and there’s no “leakage” during transit. Additionally, they want to ensure there are no dangerous items being smuggled into the country.

These are several uses for moving and storage containers and how GPS fleet tracking can help keep them protected. There are many more benefits of GPS tracking, including the following below.

 Benefits of GPS Tracking for Portable Moving and Storage Containers

Some benefits include:

Real-time tracking: Let the device know how often it should report its position and use your mobile or internet to follow it.

International: GPS tracking transmits the location from anywhere worldwide through 3G/4G/LTE network connection. The device transmits to you its location at no extra cost from over 200 countries.

Accurate positioning: GPS devices combine several sensors for generating correct location data using GPS, Cell-ID and WiFi.

Motion detection technology: Get reports when the containers move through SMS.

View history: Use your phone or internet to see where the containers have been.

Long battery life: You can set GPS tracking devices to ECO MODE for a year or more on a single battery charge.

In the past, hiring a full-service moving company or renting a truck were the only two choices for moving. Recently though, portable moving and storage containers have revolutionized the moving industry, providing people with enhanced flexibility at lower costs than they’d pay to hire professional movers. But, like with anything else, you’ll want to be able to monitor and track your portable moving and storage containers through GPS tracking.

If you manage portable moving or storage containers, and are interested in GPS tracking for them, reach out to us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to discuss the best GPS tracking solution for your needs.

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