5 Ways To Improve Fleet Driver Safety in 2022

16 Feb 2022

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Driver Safety in 2022

 With everything going on in the world, the pandemic, supply-chain problems, and shortages of both drivers and vehicles, 2022 is going to be another difficult year for businesses reliant on fleets. To avoid any serious problems in 2022 like damaged vehicles or injured drivers, it’s important to focus on driver safety. Below, we will go over 5 steps to improve fleet driver safety in 2022.

#1) Prioritize Training

 A great way to get ahead of poor driving behavior is by using online driver training and videos along with behind-the-wheel driver training. This will give employees a good sense of what is and isn’t expected of them when they’re behind the wheel along with how and why to avoid certain dangerous driving behaviors. Plus, behind-the-wheel driver training will allow supervisors and other experienced employees to evaluate drivers and give them tips on what they can do differently to make sure they’re driving safely on the road.

 #2) Do MVR Checks

 Motor vehicle records are a great tool when looking to hire drivers. This allows you to better evaluate job candidates for driving positions by looking at their driving records and seeing any red flags in their driving history.

 #3) Provide Rewards and Incentives

 Rewards and incentives for good driving behavior are a great way to deter poor driving practices and accidents while rewarding safe drivers for their good behavior. These can be long-term goals that all drivers hope to achieve, like maintaining a clean driving record and a well-maintained vehicle for one or more years. You can be creative with both the criteria and reward.

 #4) Implement a Safety Agreement

 A safety agreement is a good measure to take to ensure that all drivers understand the company policy and safety expectations at the wheel. This method also helps maintain some level of accountability for the drivers. The safety agreement should outline safety rules, proper uses of vehicles, maintenance practices of the vehicle, maintaining a clean vehicle, along with other procedures and responsibilities of all drivers.

 #5) Use GPS Fleet Tracking

 Finally, GPS fleet tracking is a great tool to enforce safe driving. It enables you to monitor driving behavior and provide additional accountability to all drivers. GPS fleet tracking allows you to track the speed of all drivers, along with any harsh braking, quick accelerations, and even sharp turns. You can even receive alerts in real time notifying you of a driver speeding or harsh braking. But just the fact that employees know they are being tracked and monitored should improve driver behavior. Plus, you can track their location to make sure they are always on the correct route.

 If you’re looking to improve fleet driver safety in 2022, GPS fleet tracking can help. Call us at 1-888-544-0494, and we can help you select the right GPS fleet tracking devices for your fleet of drivers and trucks.

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