5 Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Modernizes Your Fleet Maintenance

2 May 2019

A modern fleet is money in the bank if you’re not paying extra to get it. GPS fleet tracking is one way to modernize your fleet maintenance, in numerous ways, that pays for itself. These are just five ways GPS fleet tracking modernizes your fleet maintenance and more.

  1. Automates Maintenance Scheduling Process

The larger your fleet is, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of all the details and maintenance needs of individual vehicles within your fleet. The result is that some vehicles fall through the cracks and miss out on routine maintenance. When that occurs, your vehicles and drivers are at increased risk of costly breakdowns and accidents on the road.

  1. Monitors Driver Behaviors

Drivers can be rough on fleet vehicles. Many drivers do not drive your company vehicles the way you’d like them to. With GPS fleet tracking, you can now monitor their driving to make sure they’re obeying speed limits and driving in a manner consistent with protecting your vehicles and extending their lifespans. You can even create instant alerts that notify you instantly, via text message or email, when drivers are breaking specific organizational rules.

  1. Sends Reports on Vehicle Diagnostics

This includes instant notifications for things like “check engine” lights and other diagnostic reports at the end of each day, each run, etc. You set the parameters and receive diagnostic reports accordingly. These reports help you keep track of vehicle performance and look for signs of problems.

  1. Reduces Maintenance Related Accidents

Unnecessary accidents and breakdowns can cost your business big. If you’re like most fleets, you do not have a limitless supply of backup vehicles waiting for the opportunity to get on the road to rescue drivers, cargo, etc. when these events occur. That doesn’t even consider the costs of lost revenue, medical bills, and the loss of good drivers and equipment while repairs and recoveries take place.

  1. Increases Vehicle Lifespans

Perhaps the most useful of benefits related to modernizing maintenance with GPS fleet tracking is the benefit of purchasing fewer vehicles during the life of your company. Whether your organization uses company cars, or your fleet operates with large tractor trailers, vehicles are a huge expense for businesses. Increasing the lifespan of each vehicle by one year or longer can save your company huge money over the years.

These are just five quick ways GPS fleet tracking can help you modernize your maintenance needs and practices and doesn’t even take into account cost savings related to GPS fleet tracking for fuel and labor.

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