5 Benefits of GPS Tracking During Hurricane Season

10 Dec 2021

Hurricanes can create roadblocks and communication obstacles for anyone, including fleet drivers. Even if your truck fleet has successfully weathered hurricanes or less severe storms well in the past, these storms bring with them powerful winds and torrential rain, capable of  knocking out power, tearing down buildings, and causing storm surges up to 20 feet.

As a fleet manager that needs to keep their fleet on the road to make deliveries or to get to their client for a job, it’s essential you’re able to optimize routes all the time, but especially at times of severe storms, like hurricanes, that can wreak havoc on the roadways.

Here are five benefits you as a fleet manager can realize by having GPS tracking for fleets.

1) Conserving Fuel

GPS will help the truck fleets conserve fuel. From optimizing routes to receiving alerts for excessive idling, speeding, or harsh braking, you can be made aware of situations that are wasting fuel.

2) Tracking Trucks

Before, during, and after a strong storm, like a hurricane, GPS tracking lets you know where your fleet is at all times.

3) Maintaining Fleets

Before a storm, GPS fleet management can provide diagnostic data on key performance metrics on each truck. You’ll be able to monitor things like tire pressure, to ensure your fleets are safe when out on the road during inclement weather.

4) Tracking Migrated Vehicles

With an impending storm that’s anticipated to be severe, fleet managers often move the fleet to higher ground or indoor parking garages, for example. In other words, they preposition them prior to the storm’s arrival. GPS tracking keeps tabs on fleet vehicles when off your premises, and can help to quickly recover a stolen vehicle.

5) Optimizing Routes

GPS fleet tracking can help you route fleet drivers around flooded areas, gridlocked traffic areas, or widespread power outages. This not only saves fuel, but time.

When it comes to hurricane season, you can never be too well prepared or safe. Hurricane season extends to the end of November, so it’s not too late to implement GPS tracking for your fleet.

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