4 Spring Weather Industries That Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

20 Mar 2017

Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow, but everywhere else there are hints of spring in the air.  In fact, the first official day of spring is today — Monday, March 20th.

For spring weather industries, this means your business is about to hit its stride – creating long work days and leaving business owners looking for new ways to cut costs and improve profits. GPS fleet tracking can help you with all those things while also improving customer relations, productivity, and reducing paperwork for everyone. These four spring weather industries are perfect examples.

1) Landscaping Companies

Spring is a time when people are looking to clean up remnants of winter and get their lawns and gardens in perfect working order. GPS tracking allows you to dispatch your landscaping company crews more efficiently, encourages productivity among your crews, and notifies you if drivers are straying from their designated paths.

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2) Construction Companies

Spring is prime building time for many construction companies. From families making housing additions and changes to buildings that have been delayed by long, cold, and often wet winters, construction is in full swing once the warm weather hits.  GPS tracking can be used not only to keep track of expensive machinery and vehicles, but also to keep track of costly tools and smaller equipment that frequently comes up missing from job sites.

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3) Window Cleaning Companies

With many businesses attempting to remove the last vestiges of winter from their surroundings, window and glass cleaning companies usually have a lot going on as spring approaches. Cleaning salt and sludge from windows and storefronts can be busy work and if you don’t plan routes carefully, you may find yourself covering the same territories twice while leaving other areas largely uncovered. GPS fleet tracking will create the most cost-effective routes that utilize your labor and your vehicles with fuel and time efficiency in mind.

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4) Street Sweeping Companies

Street sweepers also have plenty to do in spring. Not only are you cleaning up after winters that may have left garbage, leaves, and other debris behind as ice and snow melt, but you’re also cleaning up after various spring storms that come along breaking down limbs, trees, and so much more. GPS fleet tracking can help you ensure the most efficient use of your sweepers so you can cover more territory in less time – while conserving fuel. Everyone wins!

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The bottom line is that if you have a seasonal business, like any of these four, your business can enjoy many great benefits from using GPS fleet tracking. Perhaps even some you haven’t considered yet.



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