10 Risks for Not Using GPS Fleet Tracking

19 May 2021

GPS fleet tracking can be a vital tool for your fleet. In fact, not using GPS fleet tracking for your vehicles can present even greater risks. These are ten of the risks your fleet could face by not using GPS fleet tracking.

  1. No idea of how your drivers are behaving outside of the office. GPS fleet tracking can be set up to alert you when drivers engage in aggressive driving activities, speed, swerve, and even idle excessively.
  2. Increasing risks of theft. More importantly, a reduced likelihood of recovering stolen trucks, goods, etc.
  3. Higher fuel prices. Because your routes are less efficient, your fuel costs are likely to increase.
  4. Increased maintenance expenses. GPS fleet tracking helps fleets keep up with maintenance scheduling. Without these reminders, important maintenance tasks can be put off or missed altogether.
  5. Decreased efficiency by your drivers. GPS fleet tracking can help you optimize your routes for greater efficiency and better ROI for your organization.
  6. More downtime related to mechanical failures. Because maintenance schedules are missed, you have a greater risk of unplanned downtime due to mechanical failures and breakdowns that could have been avoided with routine maintenance.
  7. Greater risks of accidents. When you have less information about driver activities, you are unable to prevent accidents caused by aggressive driving, speeding, and other driver behaviors. GPS fleet tracking can notify you when these things are occurring, even issues that appear to be sleepy driving issues, so that you can respond in real-time to prevent accidents before they happen.
  8. Reduced customer satisfaction. Because you’re less able to accurately predict delivery windows, customers are less satisfied with the results.
  9. Losing track of your drivers. GPS fleet tracking can notify you whenever drivers veer from their designated routes so that you can find out what’s going on.
  10. Higher insurance rates. When your drivers get tickets or have accidents due to breakdowns or behaviors, your insurance rates go up. In fact, many insurance companies offer specific discounts to fleets that have GPS fleet tracking. It’s a great tool to help reduce your insurance costs.

In other words, the costs to your fleet of not having GPS fleet tracking can be far greater than the investment you make in a solid system for tracking your fleet. These are only 10 quick examples of the risks you face when not using GPS fleet tracking. So, if you’re convinced, contact us here at LiveViewGPS and we can help you choose the best GPS tracking solution for your fleet.  1-888-544-0494

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