10 Big Drawbacks for Not Tracking Your Fleet Drivers – Week of 3/21

23 Mar 2022

As technology moves forward, we are given the option to jump on board, or stay with our traditions and stick with what we know. Although it may sometimes be beneficial to stick to what you know and not be too hasty to jump onto the next technological fad, other times it can cost people their business. One example of this is GPS trackers for fleet drivers, which actually isn’t a fad, but has been around for decades, with many of GPS first technologies implemented in the mid to late 1970’s.

GPS tracking has quickly moved from an additional bonus to managing truck fleets to an essential part of the smooth operations of the company. This is because a fleet business that doesn’t track its drivers and vehicles, simply can’t compare or keep up with one that does.

Below, we will discuss 10 big drawbacks for not tracking your fleet drivers.

No Way to Monitor Driving Behavior

No GPS tracking means no way to monitor your drivers’ behavior. Basically, you’re flying blind, not knowing which drivers drive well, and which drive poorly, and because of this you have no way to address the issue because you are unaware of any.

Reduced Productivity

GPS tracking easily optimizes routes for truck fleets. Without it, you may be using outdated or inefficient routes that take longer and cross paths with other drivers, wasting time and money.

Higher Fuel Costs

Addressing driver behavior actually helps with fuel costs too. Generally, driving above 50 mph reduces fuel economy, along with breaking hard and often. Identifying who the biggest culprits are will allow you to effectively address and fix this issue. Also, GPS tracking will help you choose better and faster routes that will save you on fuel as well.

 Higher Operational Costs

If you don’t track your vehicles and are unaware of drivers that have poor driving behavior, then they may be speeding, accelerating hard, and breaking hard without your knowledge. If these issues aren’t addressed then over time they will wear down your vehicles and make it so you have to take them in for maintenance more often.

Theft Vulnerability

No GPS tracker means that if your vehicles get stolen, you really have no way to get them back.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Fleets without GPS tracking pay higher premiums than those with them. This is for a whole host of reasons, but mainly because GPS trackers allow you to better monitor driver behavior.


Without GPS tracking, it can be difficult to anticipate delays on the road.

Lower Customer Satisfaction

Not being able to accurately track deliveries and packages means lower customer satisfaction.

Higher Administrative Burden

Without a GPS tracker, everything is on the administrators and managers to keep up with, which means more work.

Worse Reputation

For all of these reasons, the reputation of a fleet without GPS trackers will certainly suffer, especially because so many other fleets are already equipped with them, and it is now expected that fleet businesses track their vehicles because the benefits are endless and invaluable.

All of these drawbacks of not using GPS fleet tracking can be turned into positives quickly once you implement GPS tracking for your fleet. Get started with GPS fleet tracking with the help of LiveViewGPS today. 1-888-544-0494

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