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SmartOne C Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker

Designed for management of powered and non-powered fixed and mobile assets, the SmartOne C is easy to deploy practical solution for tracking asset location anywhere in the world.

The SmartOne C can either be line-powered or run off of internal battery (4 AAA 1.5V lithium batteries), removing the need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries for replacement.

Standard Messaging:

In this mode, the SmartOne reports its positions at regular time intervals that are programmed to your specification. In standard message mode, we can configure the SmartOne's internal motion sensor to transmit its position at independently configured regular time intervals when the device is in motion.

Example of Message Interval:

The SmartOne is configured to report once every 24 hours when not In Motion and every 2 hours when In Motion. If the SmartOne went into motion at any time of day the Message Interval while In Motion would be every 2 hours beginning when the SmartOne started moving.

Example of Message-Time(s) of Day:

The SmartOne is configured with a message time of day of 9:00 am, a second message time of day of 12:00 noon, a third message time of day of 8:00 pm and once per hour when In Motion. The SmartOne would transmit 3 messages a day at the same configured times every day. If the SmartOne went In Motion it would transmit its location message every hour.

Usage Example:

A Company is required to report the GPS locations of their hazardous chemical containers twice a day. Based on this requirement the Company has 2 options: set a message interval of every 12 hours, the 12-hour interval begins when the device is powered up or when the configure message times of day are 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight.

Reduced Messaging:

Reduced Messaging Mode extends the battery life associated with transmitting messages over Globalstar’s satellite network by sending messages at a minimal message interval when the asset is in a defined area and transmits at a higher message interval when the asset is changing locations. These message intervals are set as part of the configuration process based on the concept that repeated reporting information of the same location, when an asset has not moved from its defined area, is redundant and doesn’t provide additional usable information about its current location.

Usage Example:

A fleet operator owns 1,000 trailers. When the trailer(s) are sitting at a depot they want a location message once a day. They also want a message notification within 1 hour when a trailer has left a depot. Lastly, they want a location message every 3 hours when a trailer is moving between depots. Based on this requirement, we will program the SmartOne C to set the Change of Location Area (size of the depots where the trailers will visit), the message interval while the trailers are inside the Change of Location Area (1 per day), the interval at which the SmartOne will check its location while in a State of Vibration and inside the Change of Location Area(1 per hour), set the number of messages when the trailer leaves the Change of Location Area (1 Change of Location Area Alert Message) and the message interval while the trailers are in transit between depots (every 3 hours).

By comparing current and prior position information, the SmartOne determines if its location is changing. The definable area in which the device should remain in Reduced Messaging Mode is called the Change of Location Area and it is a square. When the SmartOne goes outside of the square, its location is considered to be changing or relocating.

Battery life will be dependent on several factors, including a clear view of the sky, how often the device is transmitting, temperature and sleep current. When programmed for one locate per day, while running on its internal battery, the SmartOne C has a 2.5-year battery life.

Estimated Battery Life:

1 Locate Per Day - 2.5 years
2 Locates Per Day - 500 Days
3 Locates Per Day - 400 Days
6 Locates Per Day - 200 Days
24 Locates Per Day - 80 Days

Optional - Hardwire Power Cable:

Also available is an optional power cable, that will allow you to hardwire the SmartOneC to any 12 VDC power source, like a vehicle, truck, or powered assset with 8 -22 VDC. When used with this power cable, if power is ever lost - it will revert to the internal batteries as a backup power source.

About The Globalstar Satellite Network:

The network consists of 32 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites that are constantly orbiting the earth and complete their orbits in less than 2 hours. Because of this, the SmartOne will be in contact with at least one of the satellites during each scheduled transmission. In LEO communication networks, the satellites are constantly changing their positions in the sky relative to the transmitter on earth. This minimized the shading effects seen in geostationary satellite systems where the mobile device must be pointed toward a specific direction in the sky. Geostationary satellites also orbit at a much higher altitude and move along the equator.

Messages are transmitted from the SmartOne via the Globalstar Satellite Network using an uplink-only connection (one-way data transmission) and received by a Globalstar Ground Station. The messages are then sent via the internet and received by the LiveViewGPS Application Server and converted into actionable data viewable in your password protected secure account area.

The SmartOne will send each message 3 times to ensure that the message has been received by the Globalstar Satellite Constellation. Once Globalstar receives the message, any remaining duplicate messages are ignored and discarded.

LiveViewGPS will program, set-up and send you the SmartOne C, per your configuration choice. When you are ready, let us know and we will activate your service. You would than just need to Turn the device on, and you are ready to start tracking.

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