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Valencia, CA (Marketwire) October 26, 2010 – LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracking company, announced today five ways GPS tracking can protect your business. From theft recovery and increased safety to lowered insurance premiums and greater productivity, LiveViewGPS provides fleet tracking systems that can protect your employees, your property, and your bottom line. 

“At LiveViewGPS, we strive to provide businesses with easy to use systems for effectively managing their organizations,” said LiveViewGPS CEO George Karonis. “Our comprehensive reports detail valuable vehicle data that can help businesses eliminate hidden expenses caused by wasted time and fuel, as well as unsafe driving styles.”

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Businesses can reduce fuel consumption by ensuring company vehicles are only used for authorized purposes, and that vehicle drivers are following company and lawful standards of safe driving. GPS vehicle tracking systems report specific vehicle location, speed, vehicle mileage, excessive idling, and aggressive driving styles. GPS monitoring to reduce fuel consumption is specifically beneficial to businesses with delivery services, especially when fuel prices reach upwards of $3.00 per gallon.

Eliminate Abuse of Company Time

“Drivers of company vehicles are 100 times less likely to waste time when they know their performance is being tracked,” explains Karonis. This translates to a more efficient use of time, greater productivity, and reduced payroll expenditure. GPS tracking provides real-time turn-by-turn reporting, direction of travel, ignition status, start/stop reporting, idle times, and can even alert management when company vehicles deviate from authorized routes. With a 90-day comprehensive historical playback, GPS monitoring can even verify time sheets and eliminate extra payroll expenses.

Increased Safety

“Installing a LiveViewGPS tracking system in company vehicles is like having a virtual manager in the front seat of every vehicle in your fleet,” said Karonis. Just as company time is used more effectively when employees are monitored with GPS tracking, employees are also much less likely to put their safety and company property at risk by speeding or driving aggressively when they know their management could be watching.

Recover Your Property

In the unfortunate event that a company vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking modules help police locate your property for legal recovery. The modules can be easily hidden, so thieves will not know they are being tracked. In the case of an incident or accident, the vehicle recognition feature of a LiveViewGPS system prevents unauthorized usage and provides valuable identification data if necessary.

Lowered Insurance Premiums

Another great benefit of installing GPS fleet tracking in company vehicles is to reduce insurance expenses. Many insurance companies have recognized how GPS monitoring promotes safe driving practices and offer special discounts as a result. Some offer up to a 33% discount for companies with real-time GPS fleet tracking installed, but check with your insurance provider for more details.

For additional information, visit: https://www.liveviewgps.com/ .

About LiveViewGPS

LiveViewGPS, Inc. provides wireless location products and services for small and large businesses, law enforcement, and family safety.  Some of their services include GPS car tracking and fleet tracking from iPhone applications. Their clients include numerous Federal, State and local government agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, as well as numerous privately held companies throughout the United States and abroad.