Worldwide Asset Monitoring & Tracking: The SX1- New Technology for Satellite to Satellite Tracking

17 Apr 2008

GPS tracking systems are well known for saving many people’s lives. As technology continues to advance, the newest GPS tracking systems are utilizing the use of satellite to satellite communications. This means that they are sending a signal from the GPS device to a satellite and then down to the receiving device (usually a computer system that keeps track of the data from the satellites). Now companies’ world wide will be able to keep track of their shipments from across the globe.

Satellite Asset Tracking & Monitoring

The tiny SX1 is currently one of the smallest satellite communication devices out on the market today. It is a battery powered RFID tag that transmits GPS signals and data from satellites to you. The SX1 utilizes the Low Earth Orbit satellite communication. This means that the unit does not require a lot of power to use. There is also the plus side of increased reliability because it utilizes many satellites to get the signal to you.

Weighing in at only 13 ounces (just slightly heavier then a can of soda) the SX1 fits easily in the palm of your hand and can be used right out of its box. It was designed to provide exceptional service in all types of environmental conditions; from the coldest to the hottest parts of the world. It also has the capability to deliver up to sever years of service on a field replaceable battery. The unit itself is able to be customized to accommodate up to eight external sensors. This means that you can monitor for things like temperature, light exposure, environmental conditions or tampering to the device itself. To change the individual parameter, it needs to be attached via the USB port to a computer where features can be updated and changed easily.

This little SX1 device is ideal for keeping track of your property as well as precious cargo coming and going all over the globe. The unit itself is easily attached to anything with either a self stick mounting option or a screwed in mounting option. This makes it ideal to attach it to anything that you want tracked (such as cargo or vehicles). It cannot however be attached inside of an object, otherwise it will not read properly.

No matter where you are in the world, the SX1 system will be able to pinpoint exactly where your cargo and other highly valuable assets are located. The SX1 is a relatively inexpensive way to track and monitor any asset in an instant. It is the perfect choice for companies that have assets that require low maintenance tracking over the long haul.

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