Using a GPS Tracking Device for Monitoring Your Teen Driver: Why You Should Do it and Why You Should Let them Know

19 Jun 2008

If you are the parents of teenagers then you understand the constant worry that goes through your mind when they are out with friends.  Now think about your teens in a car driving all over who knows where doing who knows what and you are probably starting to panic.  Put your worries to rest and invest in a GPS tracking device for your teenager’s vehicle. 
Now you are probably wondering why a GPS tracking device is such a good idea.  According to statistics stated by the National Highway Safety Administration, the number one cause of death among teens ages 16 to 20 is automobile accidents.  This alone is enough to make parents leery of letting their teens even consider getting a drivers license.  By letting your teenagers get a drivers license you have just opened up the door to their freedom; the freedom to be out and about without an adult in tow. 

This alone is an excellent reason to invest in a GPS tracking Device.  But, a GPS tracking device can offer you so much more when monitoring your teen driver.  A GPS tracking device is so versatile that it allows you to determine all the applications that you want to be alerted to.  You can keep track of things such as if your teen is speeding, if they are driving around when they are supposed to be in school, if they are wearing their seatbelt, and even if they have gone someplace you have told them that they are not allowed to go.  Each GPS tracking device allows you to determine exactly what you want to be alerted to. 

Once you have it installed and set up to your liking, it would be an excellent ideal to show it to your teen.  Let them know that you have installed this device for their own safety.  There have been many people from teens to psychologists who believe that these GPS tracking devices are an invasion of privacy.  However, as a parent, it is your duty and right to know where you’re not quite yet an adult member of the family is and what they are doing.  A GPS tracking device might not stop bad and dangerous behaviors from occurring, but parents will now be able to be aware of what is going on and can review reports with their teens and decide appropriate actions to take to prevent them from occurring in the future. 

Studies have shown that teens that were aware they were being monitored tended to think twice about their behaviors behind the wheel.  This made them less likely to speed and they would pay more attention to their driving behavior, thus in all likelihood causing less accidents to occur.  And ultimately isn’t that the overall goal.  Parent Of Teen Drivers Should Consider – The RTV5 Live Vehicle Tracking System.

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