Tips to Prepare Your Fleet for the 2021 International Road Check

14 Apr 2021

It’s International Roadcheck time again. Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) along with its Mexican and Canadian counterparts, conduct a 72-hour, all-out inspection effort. Roadcheck is scheduled for May 4 through 6, this 2021.

About the 2021 International Road Check

International Roadcheck is a yearly 3-day event when inspectors certified through CVSA conduct enforcement, compliance and educational initiatives targeted at a variety of elements of:

  • Vehicle
  • Motor carrier
  • Driver safety

International Roadcheck is the biggest targeted commercial motor vehicle enforcement program worldwide, with almost 15 buses or trucks inspected each minute, on average, across the U.S. during a 72-hour time period.

What the Inspections Entail

You can expect enforcement to inspect your trucks and drivers during Roadcheck so you’ll want to prepare them. A lot of provinces and states will adjust their weight station “pull-in” rate to check as many commercial vehicles as they’re allowed by enforcement staff. This includes those which would typically bypass inspection sites. This advance notice of Roadcheck is provided by CVSA so you can become prepared.

The inspectors will be conducting the Level I inspection — the thorough inspection of each major vehicle system. With drivers, the Level I inspection will look at things like:

  • Medical certificates
  • Commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs)
  • Recent vehicle inspection reports
  • Hours-of-service (HOS) records

Roadcheck also focuses on areas of driver and vehicle safety and compliance. The inspectors will pay particular attention to driver’s hours of service and vehicle lighting in 2021. This is because in 2020, HOS compliance problems found its way to the top driver out-of-service violation and “lamps inoperable” became the leading vehicle violation. Roadcheck 2021 is following these numbers in the interest of safety.

What Fleet Managers Can Do To Prepare

Some ways fleet managers can prepare are:

  1. Mental and Physical Preparation

If drivers are prepared mentally to follow the officer’s instructions, cooperate and they’re polite, professional and courteous during the interview and greeting, the inspections should be smoother. Also, never drive when you’re too fatigued or ill to safely drive or after you use alcohol or drugs.

  1. Organize Paperwork

Have all your necessary paperwork ready and organized for inspection, including a valid license, load documentation, current medical card, etc. Also, know where to find vehicle/company credentials.

  1. Use GPS Fleet Management for Preventative Maintenance

It’s essential you stay on top of preventive maintenance which can help you keep your vehicles out of service bays as well as have them ready for any roadcheck function. GPS fleet tracking technology that has asset tracking built in offers:

  • Instant mileage reporting
  • Advanced engine diagnostics
  • Vehicle service notifications

This is based on hours worked, distance traveled or predetermined dates and could help you come up with a proactive maintenance plan that will keep your vehicles in tip-top shape.

A GPS fleet management system could also assist you in:

  • Reducing breakdowns by sending you text or email reminders when vehicles are due for tune-ups, tire rotations or other preventive maintenance
  • Controlling repair costs by finding small maintenance issues before they turn into big ones
  • Eliminating mechanic guesswork by offering you Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that identify specific maintenance problems
  1. Use Appropriate HOS Logs

Use the proper type of log (paper log, ELD or time record) and keep it updated throughout the day. Learn what to show and transfer for enforcement. If you’re using an ELD, ensure you have all the necessary blank paper logs and instructions.

  1. Perform Your Own Vehicle Inspections

Perform en-route and daily inspections. Pay special attention to tires, lights, brakes and cargo securement. Clean reflective tape and lights as needed to ensure proper visibility and carry extra bulbs and fuses.

Roadcheck inspections might disrupt your drivers’ day, but with the right focus and preparation, drivers can skate through the process with no violations and be back on their way.

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