Tips to Mitigate the Risks of Trucking Cargo Theft

15 Feb 2018

Theft is a bigger problem with today’s cargo carriers than you might realize. Not only does it cost your business money, but it also erodes the trust of customers — and it increases your insurance rates. Technology has evolved, though, and with that evolution comes new and exciting tools and tips you have at your disposal to mitigate and deter theft from your trucks.

Consider these tips to help reduce your exposure and risk when it comes to cargo theft.

Lock Your Trailer Doors

If your drivers aren’t locking trailer doors as a matter of course, it’s time to change your policies to encourage that behavior from drivers. If you are currently locking trailer doors and still have a problem with theft, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your door locks.

One effective locking system for trucking companies involves using a round lock that features a hidden, shackle padlock. These locks are designed to protect against a wide range of attempts at entry including:

  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Prying
  • Hammering
  • Using Crowbars

This is in addition to the fact that the sheltered shackle makes picking the lock an even greater challenge. Since most thieves are looking for targets of convenience, a complex locking system will encourage them to choose a different mark.

Utilize GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce cargo theft in numerous ways. First, it can help you identify trouble spots along your path and plan routes that eliminate these areas from your routes.

Second, you can use GPS fleet tracking to inform you if drivers are deviating from routes, making unscheduled stops, or even if your vehicle is operating at times when it shouldn’t be (in the event of vehicle theft).

Third, GPS tracking devices can be placed in with cargo providing real time location updates – not to mention text or email alerts when items are removed from your vehicles – allowing for the prompt capture of thieves and recovery of stolen cargo.

Finally, GPS fleet tracking services can be used to deviate routes on the go so that even your drivers aren’t sure of their exact routes (providing an added layer of security) until they are behind the wheel.

Vary Routes and Cargo Lanes

Thieves today are getting smarter and taking advantage of your weaknesses. Set schedules and routines, while efficient for business, place your cargo at risk from thieves who know when your drivers break for sleep, the routes they take, and their favorite pit stops along the way. Varying routes and routines helps to avoid complacency and eliminates patterns you may not even realize exist.

Small changes in the way you operate can help to reduce your exposure to theft while ensuring that your cargo reaches its intended destination. These tips will help.

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