Useful Technology for Seniors

26 Jul 2018

Technology is evolving fast. Faster than some people would like. However, it’s evolving in a way that makes life easier for many, including those who are aging.

Today’s aging population is very active and seeks to maintain independence as long as possible. Technology can help. Especially if you take advantage of some of these technologies that are particularly useful for seniors.

Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

These systems are transforming healthcare as we know it. They allow patients to monitor certain health aspects from home with digital reporting, daily, to the patient’s doctor. This includes things like weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, heart rate, international normalized ratio (INR), etc. Home monitoring systems test these things at home and send the information to physicians via wireless or cellular networks.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Tracking

Perhaps one of the most essential technologies available in a world that is constantly changing, GPS allows people of all ages to find their away around growing towns and new cities alike. Whether you travel for fun or you’re visiting friends and family in far off locations, GPS can be instrumental in helping you find your way around in unfamiliar territory.

Not only that, but GPS tracking for elderly people provides great peace of mind for loved ones who worry that their senior family member may wander off or get lost due to memory difficulties.


The quintessential communication tool of the new millennium, Skype allows you to keep up with friends and family near and far. It’s quite versatile, useful on computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Android devices alike, you can keep up with what is happening with all your loved ones with the video communication service we know as Skype.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches replace a variety of older technologies in one sleek, impressive device. Your smart watch can operate as a medicine reminder, helping you keep track of all the pills you need to take at different times of the day, a fitness tractor, and, soon, will be able to detect falls. They sync with your mobile phone, allowing you to call for help if you ever do find that you’ve fallen and need assistance or during any other medical emergency – without having to find your phone.

As you can see, there are many ways technology can help you not only maintain your independence, but also enhance your quality of life. These technological tools are designed to improve your health, facilitate communication with friends and family, and allow you to remain mobile and independent for a long, healthy, and rich social life. Put them to use today and see what a difference they can make in your life and your lifestyle as you age.

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