Survey Finds GPS Fleet Tracking Technology Highly Regarded

13 Feb 2014

There’s no doubt GPS fleet tracking technology improves business costs by reducing how much is spent to operate a fleet of vehicles. But now we also know that fleet operators are also highly satisfied with their use of GPS fleet management systems, according to a new study conducted by C.J. Driscoll & Associates, a GPS and wireless products marketing consultant and research firm.

C.J. Driscoll & Associates has compiled data for a new research study to identify the satisfaction level of fleet owners and managers utilizing GPS fleet tracking technology.

The survey, called the 2013-14 Survey of Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services, compiled data from more than 500 fleet businesses throughout the United States, looking at those that were using this advanced technology in the fleets, particularly mobile resource management (MRM) systems (which includes GPS fleet management, GPS asset management, location-based services (LBS), and consumer telematics.)

The study was performed via telephone surveys, and included major fleet categories across the board, including :

  • private delivery
  • long-haul carriers
  • construction
  • transportation
  • government
  • utilities

Some companies included in the survey had a handful of fleets, while others had tens of thousands.

Of the operators interviewed, approximately 42 percent of them operate Class 6-8 fleet trucks and approximately 33 percent of them were TL/LTL carriers, local common carriers, or private trucking fleets. More than half (58 percent) of the fleets in the study operate less than 50 fleet vehicles, with the average amount of vehicles being 35.

The main goals of the research were to determine if the companies were happy they had invested in GPS technology in their fleets, as well as to find out if they were benefiting by saving money through the data tracking.

Those asked to be interviewed were prescreened to determine if they were the person who made decisions for their GPS management of fleets and other behavior systems used for their companies. About 25 percent of participants were the owner, chairman, co-owner, president, or CEO of their fleet operation.

These are some of the impressive findings collected from the fleet costs GPS tracking study:

  • More than 75 percent of the fleet operations that use GPS fleet management services were highly satisfied.
  • More than two-thirds of these fleet operations using a GPS fleet management system recouped their investment.
  • Sixteen percent of fleet operations that have not yet used a GPS management system agree they will do so in the next 12-18 months.
  • Cell phones are the primary means of communication by fleet drivers at 67 percent, followed by 45 percent who use smartphones, and 18 percent of drivers using laptops or tablets as their go-to communication tool.
  • For cost saving benefits, the top areas cited by survey participants include reduced fuel consumption and idle time (noted by 24 percent of the participants), saving on maintenance and repairs for the vehicles (noted by 9 percent of the participants), and route optimization (cited by 18 percent of the participants).
  • Aside from the cost saving benefits, more than one third (37 percent) using GPS management for their fleets cited monitoring driver performance and safety as a top benefit, while more than half (54 percent) cited vehicle location as a top benefit

In addition, 31 percent of those fleets utilizing a GPS fleet tracking system revealed they received an insurance discount for doing so.

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