What is a Smart Truck?

7 Jun 2017

Technology is moving faster than the average truck can drive these days. One way it’s evolving is with the creation of a Smart Truck. While the term may not exactly roll of the tongue just yet, it will be something fleet managers around the world are talking about soon enough. Especially once you learn about the many benefits Smart Trucks stand to offer your organization.

Safety Features of Smart Trucks

The beauty of Smart Trucks is that they are smart in more than one area. It’s not simply that they can do one thing that makes the superior to previous generations of trucks, but that they can do several. For instance, many Smart Trucks on the road today have tools on board that directly work to prevent crashes. They can also be used to monitor driving behaviors, such as speeding, swerving, and hard braking and notify you immediately of these unsafe driving activities and plan routine maintenance to help prevent maintenance-related accidents or breakdowns.

Money-Saving Features of Smart Trucks

Smart Trucks can save you a great deal of money too. Not only can they monitor fuel consumption and suggest routes and other adjustments to reduce costs, but they can also reduce things like tickets for speeding, driving behaviors, and compliance issues across multiple jurisdictions. Complete vehicle diagnostics thanks to GPS fleet maintenance can help you take preventative actions when repairs, replacements, or simple things like air in your tires may be needed to avoid potential flats or blowouts.

Communication Benefits of Smart Trucks

Smart Trucks also work effectively to communicate communication between drivers, dispatch, and the trucks themselves by providing real time updates, information, diagnostics, and more. This ease of communication helps to reduce a ton of paperwork day in and out while making it possible for everyone to be on the same page about traffic, timing of deliveries, costs, and more while keeping up with record-keeping requirements by state, local, and federal agencies.

Planetary Benefits of Smart Trucks

Smart Trucks help the planet is many ways. It reduces the amount of time drivers are on the road as well as the amount of fuel consumed for making key deliveries. It also greatly reduces the amount of paper that fleet operations like yours are required to use thanks to GPS fleet tracking that allows electronic logs to be kept of all driver activities.

The more steps you take to automate things like maintenance, paperwork, and dispatch, the more efficiently your fleet has the capacity to operate. That is the promise Smart Trucks, equipped with GPS fleet tracking and more, have to offer.

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