Senior Bowl Players Wearing Personal GPS Tracking Devices

29 Jan 2018

The Senior Bowl is the college version of the Pro Bowl. It is a post-season game involving standout all-star players from various colleges. Students are invited to participate in this game that showcases the talents and skills of some of the best and brightest prospects for NFL recruitment.

This season, the Senior Bowl took place on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in Mobile, Alabama. Fans of collegiate football eagerly awaited this one last opportunity to see their favorite college players before they head back to their hometowns or become bright shining hopefuls for the NFL draft.

This year, players sported a new accessory for the festivities in the form of personal GPS tracking devices.

What do personal GPS tracking for sports players do?

They track…well, almost everything.

First of all, they track various stats about each player that professional football teams can use to identify which players might have skills they are deficient in, offer more depth for their lineup, and even have the potential to become standout players and leaders within their organizations.

Some of the things personal GPS tracking for players can measure include:

  • How fast they run.
  • How quickly they pivot and adjust to accommodate resistance from the other team.
  • Vertical leap heights.
  • They can even isolate specific players to look for patterns of play – ideal for finding weaknesses in industry giants or potential among NFL hopefuls.

One interesting thing about GPS tracking for players is that it can also be used to help the NFL improve safety for all players.

The bottom line is that GPS gathers a ton of useful information and data that can be mined for important nuggets of information like safety improvements, performance enhancements, coaching opportunities, and potential weaknesses in other teams and their own.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. GPS tracking for college players participating in the Senior Bowl allows recruiters, coaches, and organizational leaders identify players they find attractive and want on their teams.

While you may not be able to recruit these impressive athletes to work on your team, you might have enjoyed watching them, one last time, on the gridiron by watching this talent-filled game on the NFL Network. And if you paid close attention you might have seen the powers behind the scenes get excited about the information these GPS trackers reveal about the players on the field.



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