Seasonal Businesses Use No Contract GPS Fleet Tracking

5 Mar 2018

Many seasonal businesses are reluctant to commit to products and services that bring year-round expenses for their businesses. It makes perfect sense. When the season is over, business is often non-existent until the next season rolls around. So is income in these situations. The last thing you need is a steady stream of bills coming in long after the money stops.

If you have a business in one of the below fields for example, you understand the realities of seasonal budgets all too well:

  • Snow removal
  • Lawn care
  • Holiday decorating
  • Natural gas delivery
  • Mulch delivery
  • Roofing contracting

One thing you don’t have to do without in order to conserve your bills during the off-season is GPS fleet tracking. Our company offers GPS tracking for your fleet without strings attached. You don’t have to commit to monthly GPS tracking contracts to enjoy the same benefits people who have made that commitment receive.

Instead, you can enjoy month to month GPS fleet tracking services to help your business be more competitive while operating more efficiently. There’s no way to lose – especially when you know that you’ve committed to no long-term GPS tracking contracts that could weigh your business down when the seasonal wealth winds down.

How Can GPS Fleet Tracking Help Your Seasonal Business?

The shocking thing for many seasonal businesses is just how beneficial GPS tracking can be. Sure, everyone understands that GPS tracking and routing can help businesses like yours save money on fuel, but it can also help in many other ways as well.

For instance, GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce your labor costs by encouraging drivers to stay on their assigned routes and to finish jobs in timely manners. This eliminates workers from robbing the clock of a few minutes on each job or taking care of personal errands on your dime.

GPS tracking allows you to plan your routes more efficiently creating opportunities to finish more projects in a single day and boosting profits radically.

Finally, GPS tracking can also be used to track tools and equipment that may sometimes go home with drivers, get left on job sites, or walk away in the hands of total strangers.

All of these things can either save your business a great deal of money or help your business earn even more money. It’s a winning proposition for the business owner – especially when you consider investing in GPS tracking without the strings of a long-term contract that wouldn’t benefit your business.

Contact us here at LiveViewGPS today and reap the rewards of GPS fleet tracking for your seasonal business tomorrow.



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