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18 Mar 2008

Put yourself in this scenario:  You are enjoying a wonderful hike/backpacking adventure in some remote wilderness spot just about anywhere across the globe.  You and your hiking buddy are having a great time until the unthinkable happens… you misstep and end up falling down a gorge.  Not only is it way too sheer and far for you to try to scale back up to where your friend is waiting, but you have also injured yourself.  You are stuck and there help is a day’s hike away.  Your friend does not want to leave to get help, but it is your only recourse because your cellular phone does not get a signal.  Well help is finally out there for you. 

Introduced in 2007, the Satellite Personal Tracker, or SPOT, as a new line of communication.  Spot is probably one of the easiest to use tracking systems out on the market today.  It was designed to be small and rugged for the outdoors person as a satellite messenger for personal safety and lifesaving device. 

Now before you stop reading this, let me be the first to explain that the SPOT system is not just for the avid outdoors person.  The SPOT also have many practical applications for everyone across the continent.  For example, if you have an elderly relative, it works great not only to help them call for emergency assistance if they should need it, but it is also a great way for them to get in touch with you if they should find themselves lost.  Teens and children can really benefit from this nifty little device as well.  Think about all the times that we hear about abductions or teens doing stupid things that end up in emergency.  By using SPOT you can virtually eliminate these types of emergencies. 

So just how does this little device work?  The very simple set up allows the handler to activate several different alerts.  There is a button that allows for family and friends to be alerted that help is required.  There is also a button that allows the handler to check in and let all the programed contacts know exactly where they are and that they are okay.  Then there is the 911 alert which sends a signal to the local emergency response center when there is an emergency.  The response center then notifies the EMS that there is an emergency and give them the exact location of the emergency.    The other really nice thing about this device is that it also will keep track of your progress and allows your selected contacts to check out where you are anytime. 

So what makes this unique?  Unlike other GPS systems, SPOT can transmit messages and give out the exact coordinates as to where you are located.  This is like having a little cellphone in your pocket, only better.  This is because it uses 100% satellite technology so that the system always has a signal.  No other system out there offers this type of technology as well as giving you a sense of security while you galavant across the globe. Or if you want it for a much closer reason, to keep track of your loved ones and be able to be there should an emergency arise.  SPOT is definitely one little amazing device to own.  Buy Spot Now – Available For Immediate Delivery.


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