Reduce Driving Violations and Insurance Premiums through GPS Tracking

13 Jul 2017

GPS fleet tracking is a modern solution to solve many of the problems that fleet owners face. The more drivers you have on the road the bigger your expenses can be – and the greater your potential reward. In fact, you can cut far more than fuel and labor costs when you invest in the right kind of GPS fleet maintenance tracking system. These are just a few of the other great ways you can save on your insurance premiums by using GPS fleet tracking.

Reduce Driving Violations

Moving violations from drivers, like speeding tickets, can cause huge expenses for your business. The more drivers receiving these violations the more fines and fees you may accrue. This includes fines for moving violations, violations of state laws for drivers that differ from federal regulations or local laws in your home area, and the jump in insurance premiums that tend to follow every moving violation your drivers receive. Reducing tickets will help reduce your insurance coverage costs for fleet vehicles. The greater the reduction, the greater your savings may be.

Fewer Accidents

Many insurance companies offer discounts to companies or organizations that have no accidents. GPS tracking systems can help encourage better driver behavior. This results in drivers operating more defensively and fewer accidents occurring, which translates to huge savings for your organization.

Recover Stolen Goods

Another way insurance can help cut insurance premiums is by aiding in the swift recovery of stolen goods. This is not only related to vehicles, which are valuable in their own rights, but also extends to costly cargo items you may be carrying. You have the option of using GPS tracking devices in certain shipping containers, on shipping vehicles, or attached to specific high-value items you’re transporting. Whether the goods are your own products and equipment or you are shipping valuable items for others, GPS is a great tool for tracking those items to ensure prompt delivery, fast recovery if stolen, and 24/7 access to the location of these goods during transit. Insurance companies love this and are willing to reward you for it.

Limit Vehicle Theft

Some GPS tracking systems simply serve as deterrents for would-be thieves. Thieves don’t want to leave a trail and if you have a visible GPS fleet tracking system on board you can prevent crimes of theft before they occur.

Even the smallest adjustments and changes can have larger than you realize improvements for your insurance premiums. GPS fleet tracking is a wonderful way to boost your image in the eyes of insurance providers to get the rates your really want for your coverage.

To learn even more about benefits that GPS fleet tracking can offer your business, speak to an expert here at LiveViewGPS today.



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