For fleets of all sizes, fuel costs are major concerns. GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce your fuel costs in many ways, reducing your operating costs and increasing your overall profits. These are just a few great ways GPS tracking helps you reduce fleet fuel costs.

  1. Plan Fuel Efficient Routes

GPS tracking can help you create routes that are far more fuel-efficient than the average business is doing by hand. Most businesses will experience much greater fuel efficiency by utilizing GPS fleet tracking to plan routes and to manage to dispatch when emergency calls come in that may create scheduling or routing changes.

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Keyless entry is one of the most attractive features in cars today. It allows you to get into your cars without digging around in the bottom of a purse for your keys or fishing them out of deep pockets, adding a layer of convenience that is unmatched in modern driving.

Couple that with the convenience of keyless ignition and you can even start your car without ever retrieving your keys. The key only needs to be in close proximity. This convenience, though, comes at the price of greater risks of vehicle theft. The good news is that new developments are making keyless entry less accessible to thieves, protecting your car and the investment you’ve made in it.

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There are some fleet maintenance metrics that are more important than others to track. That doesn’t mean they aren’t all-important – only that some can have a larger impact on overall performance and the life expectancy of fleet vehicles than others. These are five of the fleet maintenance metrics you need to track and why they are so important to the overall effectiveness of your fleet vehicles.

  1. Asset Utilization

This fleet management metric explains how often specific vehicles or pieces of equipment within your fleet are utilized.

Why is this important?

When you know which of your vehicles are getting the most use and which are being used little, if any, you understand where to allocate the bulk of your resources. And which pieces of equipment may be more cost-effective to rent on an as-needed basis rather than owning, storing, and maintaining.

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