Heating and furnace repair companies generally have a number of furnace repair technicians who drive around from appointment to appointment during the day. Scheduling mistakes, late appointments, and poor time tracking can all lead to bad customer satisfaction and accountability issues for the company.

An easy way furnace repair companies are addressing some of these problems and upgrading their business is by using GPS trackers in all of their company vehicles. The results are undeniable: furnace repair companies are practically unrecognizable after switching to GPS tracking technology. So how does GPS tracking give furnace repair companies an edge over the competition?

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No matter what company you run or manage or how many vehicles and drivers are in your fleet, accidents are to some degree, unavoidable. Totals of thousands of hours with drivers on the road over the years make it likely that at some point an accident will happen, regardless of how reliable your drivers are.

While vehicle fleets are always at risk of an accident and they can’t be stopped completely, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of accidents. One step you may already practice is ensuring your drivers are well-trained before they set off on their own. Another step you should take for the sake of accident reduction is investing in GPS fleet tracking.

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Auto financing companies provide individuals and businesses with access to vehicles they need for daily use. However, vehicles are expensive assets and there’s always risk involved when loaning or leasing a vehicle.

Recent advancements in telematics and GPS tracking software have transformed the auto financing industry, providing companies with ways to reduce costs, reduce risk, and ultimately drive up profits. Below, we’ll go over some of the ways GPS tracking can improve auto financing.

Loan Payments

Every lender worries about loan payments, or the failure to do so. When borrowers don’t repay their loans on time, it carries a risk of damage to assets, especially when the lender isn’t able to locate the vehicle.

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