Many organizations are seeking new ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions at the same time. One great opportunity to do both is to combine the power of GPS tracking and battery electric vehicles (BEV) for your organization, or even yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Battery Electric Vehicles?

BEVs are a type of electric vehicle that are fully-electric cars equipped with rechargeable batteries that use no gasoline. They produce zero emissions and must be charged at specific charging stations in order to operate. Most workplaces can easily install charging stations that provide capabilities to travel 75-80 miles after an eight-hour charge.

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Purchasing any vehicle for your teen driver can be stressful. The vehicle not only needs to be affordable to run and insure, it also needs to be safe.

Teen drivers are developing their driving skills on the road, which means it’s essential vehicles have driving aids and safety features. You combine teenage drivers’ inexperience with destructive driving behaviors and it makes them more likely to be involved in an accident.  In fact, according to the CDC, the leading cause of American teen death are car accidents with six teens between the ages of 16 and 19 dying each day from a vehicle injury.

The leading culprit in crashes involving teen drivers is distracted driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study showing in 58% of crashes that involved a teen driver, distracted driving played a role. And, teenagers aren’t just distracted either. It was found by the AAA that nearly 50% of teenagers admit to speeding on residential streets in the previous month and 40% admit to speeding on highways. Distraction and speed can turn out to be a fatal combination.

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The benefits of fleet tracking are ubiquitous regardless of what industry you are in. If you manage or own a fleet, or even use a couple of delivery drivers for your business, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from using GPS tracking on your vehicles.

And, with supply chain issues being more problematic than ever before, it’s never been more beneficial to incorporate GPS fleet tracking into your business.

Read on to learn some of the most significant benefits of GPS fleet tracking for the supply chain.

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