Law enforcement officers have important and dangerous jobs to do. The actions of a few law enforcement officers have placed all under greater scrutiny while strengthening the distrust between law enforcement and ordinary citizens in communities far and wide. Using GPS tracking for law enforcement vehicles, both marked and unmarked can go a long way toward healing the mistrust within the community while improving safety for the men and women who so bravely serve their communities.

Easy Identification/Authentication

While marked cars are easily identifiable, unmarked cars are intentionally difficult to identify as the vehicles of law enforcement officers. People, women drivers, especially, are often hesitant to pull over for vehicles that aren’t easily identifiable as law enforcement vehicles. GPS allows the location of vehicles to be easily tracked so a quick phone call to dispatch can confirm that it is, in fact, a police vehicle that is attempting to pull someone over.

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Teenage drivers who have fewer than 18 months experience with driving have a four times higher risk of a near-crash event or a crash with risk factors like speed, distraction, teen passengers, inexperience, alcohol or medication or drugs, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

No matter how careful teen drivers are, they all start off inexperienced. Many will face a number of distractions. These distractions can be anything from chatty passengers to cell phones to turning up their favorite song on the radio.

Teen drivers may be extra careful to avoid these distractions and pay attention to the road when they first begin driving. But, as they get more comfortable driving, they’re more likely to start engaging in risky driving behaviors.

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Whether you’re in the business of shipping for auto dealerships, auto manufacturer’s, or individuals, GPS tracking for auto transport businesses can help you improve customer relations, safeguard the expensive vehicles you’re charged with transporting, and maintain your peace of mind in the process. GPS tracking can be one of the most useful tools your business has ever invested in for all these reasons and more.

Make Your Customers Happy by Keeping them Informed

Happy customers. Happy life. GPS tracking allows you the opportunity to provide unique codes customers can plug into their computers, mobile devices, etc. to track the precise journey their vehicle(s)’ take to their intended destination. They can even sign up to receive text or email notifications throughout the day to know the precise location of these vehicles at specific times.

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