GPS tracking is a versatile technology with many uses in a variety of businesses, including construction sites. Installing GPS tracking into your construction work vehicles and equipment can safe your business a lot of money and support your bottom line by reducing theft, monitoring driver behavior, reducing fuel costs, and more.  Below are three major ways how GPS tracking can benefit your construction site.

Theft of Equipment

 Construction vehicles and equipment are the major asset for every construction company, and replacing them can be expensive, ultimately cutting into your bottom line. Whether it’s robbers breaking into the construction site under the cover of night or workers taking equipment home with them, theft is a serious problem in construction.

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In honor of Shark Week starting on July 24th, here is an article about how shark tagging and tracking work.

Did you know you don’t have to be a marine biologist to track sharks? In fact, there are several websites and apps that allow you to track the movement of tagged sharks around the world.

Why Are Sharks Tagged or Tracked?

One important reason why sharks are tagged and tracked is that much is still being learned about shark behaviors, migration, lifespan, and population. Tagging and tracking allow marine biologists to see where specific sharks spend their time and can help them with shark conservation.

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Your teen finally getting their driver’s license is a big change. They now have more freedom and rely less on parents and other family members to drive them. However, adding your teen to your car insurance plan makes the monthly premium immediately increase.

Teens are considered high-risk drivers, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise; however, the increase in insurance premiums can still be an unwelcome shock. Luckily, there are some ways to get a discount on car insurance when adding your new teen driver to the policy. In this blog post, we will discuss teen driver insurance discount options.

Driver’s Education Courses

 Not all states require new drivers to take driver’s education classes; however, it is a great idea to put them through the classes regardless. Taking classes will further familiarize them with the rules of driving, safe practices, and make them overall a safer driver while on the road. Plus, insurance companies recognize the usefulness of driver’s ed and some of them will give discounts to teens who complete driver’s ed.

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