More Safety & Success with Live GPS Vehicle Tracking RTV5

13 Apr 2010

Tracking vehicles at job site is an integral part of any business. Whether your driver is reaching delivery place on time or he/she is idling somewhere, these information are really important to run an effective business.

Moreover, if you are anxious whether your employees are taking vehicles at their own place or exceeding speed limit or going forbidden places. All these information have to be checked out.
Now you know what you want, but still wondering where to get all these solutions. Then don’t lose hope, Live GPS Vehicle Tracking RTV5 is a real-time solution for your driver monitoring needs.

With this vehicle tracker, all queries about historical data, number of key vehicle reports, live vehicle data will be solved easily.

While you are a business owner, then nothing can be more important for you than Return on Investment (ROI). Upon installing this device, you will be able to gauge benefits of this product. Moreover, you will be able to save overtime, excessive payroll expenses, excessive wear and tear on your vehicles, wastage of company time, uncontrollable and unnecessary fuel charges.

This device is recommended for different purposes.

  • Business Owners can optimize their business and their security is assured which can surely improve the productivity.
  • Service Companies like HVAC; Plumbing can enhance their customer service.
  • As a security device, it can help in actions of first responders like police, paramedics, and security companies.
  • Parents of teen drivers can be assured of their children by watching them on GPS Video.
  • Trucking Companies can easily monitor where their cargo are at all times
  • Any family is more secured with this wakeful device.

This device is very easy to use. So no installation hassle is there. You can easily see AERIAL IMAGE of the location of the vehicle after logging in to the computer. You have to roll mouse over and you can get the clear zoom view of the vehicle. Just have to move mouse over your vehicle and you can see speed and direction if the ignition of the vehicle is on.

You can view Start/Stop Reports like See Dates/Times/Location Duration of Stop and Standard Report/Enhanced Data Report from this device. This watchful device gives you the complete overview of Vapor Trail Report, Aggressive Driving, Vehicle Mileage, Vehicle Operating Report (Sample Emailed Excel Format), Excessive Idling, State to State Mileage, Stop Start Based on Ignition or Movement, Ignition Based Stop/Start (Sample Emailed Excel Format), Speeding Report, PTO Report etc.

As this device is integrated with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Mapping System, it adds on more features.

  • You can monitor your vehicles from any web enabled computer and watch your vehicles live with the reports of current speed, direction of travel & location, group vehicles by region, etc.
  • You will get the update of speed & boundary alerts to any e-mail or cell phone via text messaging, PTO activations. More active features include lock/unlock Doors, honk vehicle horn, enable/disable starter, remote start, enabled panic button (can be used to record employee time in/out)
  • Total 24 Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are circling the earth. Out of which up to 16 satellites are being accessed by RTV5 to gather information of you the exact position, direction and speed of your vehicle. And within few seconds, these data are being streamlined at the back to the server wirelessly. Then you get the Live view anywhere upon accessing the internet.
  • This dimension of this device is 2.6″ Wide, 3.6″ Length and 1.0″ Height. Its dual mode antenna is GSM/GPRS and GPS enabled. Its operating temperature is -22F to +158F (-30 Degrees C to +70 Degrees C).
  • Most importantly it has up to 16 channel concurrent satellites.
  • The RTV5 is spread throughout South America, North America, and many countries around the world.
  • In the US, data transmission is done on the AT&T Edge/3G all digital data wireless network.

Visit the product page for Live Demo, Videos and more: Live GPS Vehicle Tracking RTV5

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