LiveView GPS Tracking Matrix Platforms – At a Glance

6 May 2019

At LiveView GPS, our goal is to deliver you sensible solutions to your varied needs. We understand that everyone has unique needs when it comes to GPS tracking and GPS tracking systems. That is why we offer three different matrix platforms. We believe that with these three platforms and a wide range of compatible devices, we can meet the GPS tracking needs for practically everyone.

In this series, we’re providing a blog post detailing each one, and beginning with an overview of all of LiveView GPS tracking matrix platforms.

Our Matrix Platforms

As mentioned above, LiveView GPS offers three distinctive GPS tracking matrix platforms. Each one offers unique benefits to the communities they serve. Our platform matrices include:

  1. Live Trac. For business and personal GPS tracking needs.
  2. Fleet Trac. For business GPS tracking applications.
  3. Flash Trac. For business and personal applications.

In addition to the three platform matrices, LiveView GPS offers a variety of devices that work with our systems giving you outstanding flexibility in how you use the platform to meet your GPS tracking needs whether for business or for pleasure.

Live Trac Compatible Devices

Devices that work best with the Live Trac platform include:

  • Live Trac EZ
  • Live Trac G5
  • Live Trac PT-10
  • Live Trac PT-LTE1
  • Live Trac PT10 Professional
  • Live Trac G5 Pro Vehicle Tracker

Each device offers unique features that work with the Live Trac platform to enhance user experiences. Perhaps the most robust and truly live tracking platforms, Live Trac devices work within the platform to deliver a full suite of GPS tracking services with location updates every five or 10 seconds.

Fleet Trac Compatible Devices

GPS tracking devices that work best with the Fleet Trac matric include:

  • Fleet Trac OBD
  • Fleet Trac HW

These devices work in concert with the Fleet Trac platform to generate impressive results from the businesses that use them, including real-time GPS tracking with one and two-minute update intervals, engine diagnostics, hours of service reports, Garmin integration and so much more.

Flash Trac Compatible Devices

The following devices work perfectly with the Flash Trac matrix.

  • Flash Trac OBD
  • Flash Trac HW

People interested in budget-friendly GPS tracking solutions will appreciate the benefit these devices and the tracking platform has to offer. Not only is Flash Trac affordable, but it is also easy to use without sacrificing key benefits, like real-time GPS tracking, email and text alerts, and other impressive features and benefits.

The better you know the three LiveView GPS Tracking Matrix platforms the easier it becomes to choose the one that best meets your unique needs. Stayed tuned for detailed blog posts of each.

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