How Linen and Uniform Delivery Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

8 Jun 2015

GPS fleet tracking is transforming the way businesses today operate. One of the industries most affected by advances in GPS tracking technology is the linen and uniform delivery industry. Since most businesses you serve are service industry or healthcare businesses, it’s important to work within certain time constraints and to provide prompt and reliable service. GPS fleet tracking can help with all that and so much more.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Timely Deliveries and Pickups

Service industry businesses run in peaks and lows. Restaurants often have limited times during the day where staff is free to accept deliveries, whether that is ingredients, uniforms, or table linens. Fleet tracking can help you prioritize your tracking in order to reach each business at the right time of day without sacrificing fuel efficiency and economy in order to do so.

Customers are happy to receive delivery of their goods on time and ready to wear or use in their businesses and much happier with the service you provide. The ability to do this day in and out is what will set your business apart from others in the area.

Eliminate Shortages or Missing Items with RFID Tracking

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing items, uniform pieces, table cloths, etc. at the beginning of a shift. It has a negative effect on employee morale and reduces confidence in your ability to provide good service when items go missing.

GPS tracking allows you to pinpoint exactly where items are that are missing from the inventory whether they were left in your facilities, got placed on the wrong truck, or perhaps didn’t make it into the package for you to pick up the day before and were left behind in the customer’s facility doesn’t matter.

The ability to immediately go online and track the missing items saves money, time, aggravation, and unnecessary bad impressions. Plus, it’s an easy fix when you can make sure someone always knows where the items are.

Reduce Labor Hours

The fact that you can plan more efficient routes – even while accommodating certain service industry needs – means that fewer man hours are lost sitting in traffic waiting to make deliveries. Also, having your employees aware that they are being tracked often helps them pick up the pace and remain more productive throughout the day. This means that fewer hours are wasted and less money spent on labor throughout the year. It may not seem like all that much at first glance, but over the course of a year, even small savings start to add up.

Cut Fuel Costs

In addition to saving money on labor, linen and uniform delivery services can cut costs on fuel, vehicle maintenance, repairs, and more. GPS fleet tracking systems do help plan more fuel efficient routes. This cuts immediate gas costs. But, they also help to remind you of and schedule for the routine maintenance needs of fleet vehicles more effectively reducing wear and tear and troubleshooting potential problems before accidents and breakdowns occur.

Whether helping your linen and uniform delivery business save money or improve customer service and satisfaction, GPS fleet tracking systems can definitely give your business a decisive edge over your competitors while making your business more profitable.

Are you a linen or uniform delivery company interested in improving your customer service, competitive advantage, and bottom line? Give us a call at LiveView GPS at (888) 909-0501 to learn how GPS fleet tracking can help you do all of this and more.



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