How Leaf Sweeping Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

16 Oct 2017

From municipal agencies to private businesses, leaf sweeping trucks help protect city streets, parking lots, roadways, and more from becoming overwhelmed by the deluge of leaves that arrive as summer gives way to autumn each year.

GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your leaf sweeping assets more efficiently reducing costs and increasing effectiveness. Below are just a few of the great ways your leaf sweeping efforts can benefit from the GPS fleet tracking technology.

Keep Sweepers Better Maintained

Maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your leaf sweeping trucks in tip-top running shape and operating at maximum capacity even longer. In addition to improving the life of the vehicles (greatly reducing replacement costs), well maintained vehicles put off fewer emissions, burn less fuel, and experience less downtime for repairs than those that are poorly or improperly maintained.

GPS fleet tools can help you plan your maintenance to optimize the effectiveness and lifespan of your equipment – making it an investment that pays for itself over time.

Conserves Fuel

One of the biggest benefits of GPS fleet tracking is that it can help you plan routes that are not only more efficient for initial fuel consumption, but also routes that reduce idling and other key contributors to fuel waste. This helps cities and businesses alike save money without sacrificing service on high traffic streets and roadways.

Eases Traffic Congestion

Another key aspect of GPS fleet tracking is that it can use data about traffic patterns during certain hours of day to plan routes in key areas during hours of the day when the least amount of traffic congestion is expected. This will help reduce unnecessary traffic delays while easing the amount of congestion on certain busy roadways while keeping the streets and gutters free of leaves and other debris.

Delivers Complete Coverage

Humans, even those with the best intentions and who pay outstanding attention to detail can make mistakes when planning leaf sweeping routes that leave some roads uncovered and may even provide double coverage on others. This leads to inefficiencies that can cause flooding or other problems when heavy rains fall, ice melts, etc. It can also increase costs by having two drivers cover the same territories. GPS fleet tracking can help you avoid these inefficiencies while ensuring that no leaves are left behind.

Whether you’re running a city government or a small private leaf sweeping fleet, you will find that GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in improving efficiency, ensuring coverage, and reducing costs. Now is the perfect time to make this critical investment.

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