How Kitchen Appliance Delivery Services Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

6 Feb 2018

Kitchen appliance delivery service fleets have a lot of moving parts that keep you going throughout the day. GPS fleet tracking allows you a means to manage many of those moving parts with greater ease and efficiency than would be possible without the use of this innovative technology. These are just a few of the benefits your kitchen appliance delivery service can enjoy once you incorporate GPS fleet tracking into the way you operate your business.

Ensures Timely Deliveries

Very few things are more frustrating for customers than to show up at their homes prepared for appliance deliveries that do not arrive at the appointed hour. While it’s true that things do come up that can delay deliveries, installing a fleet tracking system on your delivery truck fleet can mitigate many of these situations by offering the following:

  • More efficient routing.
  • Instant notification of possible appointment delays (something as simple as a text message or email letting customers know there are extenuating circumstances ahead of time can make all the difference in the world for your customers).
  • Re-routing to avoid traffic, road hazards, weather, etc.

These things can help your drivers stay on task and on time while keeping your deliveries on schedule.

Minimizes Idling Time

It’s appalling how much fuel is wasted (and how many emissions are created) by idling delivery trucks each year. The more trucks you have out making appliance deliveries at a given time, the greater the burden to your wallet will be. Wasted fuel is no laughing matter and you can use GPS fleet tracking to notify you of excessive idling times by your drivers so you can act to discourage this trend when you see it happening rather than waiting and attempting to address it after the fact.

Reduces Overtime

Overtime is a killer for the business economy. The fewer minutes of overtime you’re left paying each month, the better it is for your business. GPS allows you to monitor things like drivers dallying at jobsites unnecessarily, deviating from routes to attend personal business, and countless other things that cost your business big overtime payments month after month.

These small changes in the way you operate your appliance delivery fleets are possible with the use of GPS tracking and can save your business big. That is just the beginning. Using GPS for your appliance delivery truck fleet can offer big benefits to your business today and in the future.

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