How Refrigerator Repair Companies Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

22 Feb 2016

GPS tracking technology has a lot to offer many different types of business. Refrigerator repair companies, in particular, stand to benefit from GPS tracking in a wide variety of ways. These are a few of the highlights you may want to consider while exploring the potential benefits GPS tracking has to offer your refrigerator repair business.

Improves Response Times

When someone’s fridge is on the fritz, the last thing they want is a long wait while wondering if they’re going to lose all the food the refrigerator is holding. Those can be long and agonizing hours – especially for people who really don’t have the money it would take to refill their fridge or even part of it. Getting there fast allows you to save the day and become their biggest hero for a day. GPS fleet tracking quickly identifies the nearest truck, pinpoints the fastest route to get there, and then directs the drivers around potential traffic snarls along the way to avoid unnecessary delays.

Simplifies the Dispatch Process

Dispatchers are amazing people who sometimes accomplish the impossible. GPS fleet tracking helps take some of the burden off the men and women who provide dispatch services by doing the heavy lifting of identifying the right driver and fastest route in a matter of seconds. This helps dispatchers move on from one crisis to the next much faster and still provides accurate directions for drivers to follow.

Creates Happy Customers

We’ve already mentioned the part about being a hero for the day by saving the refrigerator full of groceries. There’s more to the story though when it comes to making and keeping your customers happy. GPS fleet tracking allows you to provide more accurate appointment windows so customers know if they need to run out and fill their ice chests with ice and vulnerable items from their refrigerators in order to save them, or if you’ll arrive fairly quickly.

GPS fleet tracking can also allow you to provide customers with a code that lets them track the truck that will be coming to their home so they can follow along from home and be prepared when your personnel arrives. Sometimes, seeing that help is coming is enough to keep them happy. It also saves your dispatcher from fielding calls every five minutes.

Manages Paperwork More Efficiently

Not only can GPS tracking systems be used to identify where your refrigerator repair men and women are at any given time (to verify service was provided), but it also helps keep track of drivers logs, invoices, and other paperwork that must be managed. For record keeping purposes, it can’t be beat.

Then there are all the regular reasons for investing in GPS fleet tracking services: cut fuel, change driver behavior, and save your business money. With so much to offer, the question isn’t if, but when will you make the move to GPS fleet tracking for your refrigerator repair company?



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