Using GPS Tracking to Help with Vehicle Warranty Claims

24 Apr 2019

Once upon a time, there a huge paper trail, filled with well-documented maintenance histories and records was required to get warranty companies to honor the warranties of fleet vehicles. If one “I” wasn’t dotted, or “T” was left uncrossed, that was all she wrote. It could be pure madness to try to gather all the required documents and if one was missing, the request was denied.

That is no longer the case. GPS tracking provides you with an iron-clad record of all your maintenance and service logs suitable to satisfy the terms of even the stingiest warranty agencies. This is great news for you as it means you can breathe a little easier and no longer have to chase down a long list of professionals to make sure you have appropriate documents (at least related to maintaining and servicing your vehicles).

Helps You Stay On Top of Routine Maintenance

Not only does GPS tracking help you keep up-to-date records of all your maintenance efforts, it also helps you schedule those routine maintenance tasks that may void your warranty if left unattended. Or, even if you take too long between servicing your vehicle for the company’s liking.

You can set your GPS fleet tracking services to automatically schedule required preventative maintenance such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire pressure checks
  • Tire rotation

You can also use it to monitor fluid levels and other information to notify you promptly of the need for other maintenance services your vehicles may require. This helps you stay on top of preventative measures and provides a record that is difficult for warranty companies to dismiss. They also provide reliable service records if you are forced to appeal an initial denial of coverage with your provider.

Will Documentation Guarantee Approval for Vehicle Warranty Claims?

While nothing is quite that good. There always rules and exceptions to rules. However, having GPS tracking, and the detailed records that it provides, for your fleet, greatly increases the odds.

The other benefit of working with GPS data is the time benefit it offers. Rather than spending days or weeks gathering the documentation for warranty claims, you have access to them at your fingertips and can print them out or send them electronically in an instant.

Understanding the terms of your warranty can be instrumental in helping you avoid possible denials of coverage. However, a well-documented service and care history make it much more difficult for warranty companies to deny your requests and/or claims.

GPS fleet maintenance notifications and alerts are only one of the benefits your organization gains with GPS fleet tracking. But, it’s an important one when it comes to vehicle warranty claims.

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