GPS Tracking for Segways

19 Oct 2017

Segways offers users from all walks of life the opportunity to travel cleaner, greener, and with greater convenience. They are tools of the future that are used in office buildings, on boardwalks, and to navigate the busy downtown streets of big cities throughout the country.

Segways are also quite an investment for consumers and businesses alike to make. That is why it is so important to protect that investment. Known for convenience and mobility, Segways have been used for city tours and by police forces for large events, such as the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Protecting Your Segway Investment

The odds are good that if you’ve made the investment in a Segway for your personal use or you’ve invested in several for your business, you know just how much of an investment these devices require. While many would argue that they are worth every penny, the fact remains that you want to protect that investment in as many ways as possible.

One of the ways to protect your Segway is by purchasing Segway insurance. Whether it’s a personal device for yourself or one you’re renting out to others, insurance is a wise move to make as it offers protection for damage to the Segway, but also helps to cover the costs of medical treatments if someone is injured while riding the Segway or by someone driving your Segway.

The other way to protect your investment in a Segway is to invest in GPS tracking for Segways. What does GPS tracking accomplish? It allows you to track the whereabouts or your Segway or an entire fleet of Segways remotely via computer or mobile phone so that you know where your Segways are at all times.

You can track tour groups as they make their rounds, locate lost Segways and riders, and even determine the location of a Segway and the corresponding employee on your business grounds if you operate on a large campus.

If your Segway is stolen, you can quickly identify the location of your Segway to report the theft and location, in real time, to the proper authorities. You can even set up alerts that will notify you if your Segway is operational during prescribed downtimes or if it leaves a certain geographical boundary.

When it comes to protecting your Segway, the combination of Segway insurance and GPS tracking for Segways is a powerful tool in helping you do just that. What are you waiting for?



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