How Does GPS Tracking Reduce Fuel Costs?

11 Nov 2019

For fleets of all sizes, fuel costs are major concerns. GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce your fuel costs in many ways, reducing your operating costs and increasing your overall profits. These are just a few great ways GPS tracking helps you reduce fleet fuel costs.

  1. Plan Fuel Efficient Routes

GPS tracking can help you create routes that are far more fuel-efficient than the average business is doing by hand. Most businesses will experience much greater fuel efficiency by utilizing GPS fleet tracking to plan routes and to manage to dispatch when emergency calls come in that may create scheduling or routing changes.

  1. Monitor Driving Behaviors to Search for Inefficiencies

Driver behaviors or actions behind the wheel can also have profound impacts on your fuel costs. From route deviations to aggressive driving (fast acceleration and hard braking), speeding, and more, the actions of drivers can drive your fuel costs higher still. GPS tracking can monitor driver behavior sending text or email alerts to notify you when drivers do any number of the things mentioned above and other negative behaviors. This allows you to address and correct problems before they take a chunk out of your bottom line.

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Idling

Idling is a huge factor when it comes to driving up fuel costs. Because you want your fuel costs to turn in the other direction, it is important to make a concerted effort, fleet-wide, to end idling for good. GPS tracking can help you monitor current idling situations so you can address problems and work with your drivers to create more favorable conditions for reducing fuel consumption by reducing the amount of time they spend idling.

  1. Curtail Route Redundancies

One of the worst things you can do for your bottom line is to have two of your fleet vehicles covering the same territories or routes. That means you have two or more vehicles spending fuel to cover the same ground and it is really bad for your fueling budget. GPS tracking can help you eliminate these redundancies so you’re not double or even triple covering the same territories.

Keeping drivers on task and eliminating many of the fuel-busting behaviors some drivers have behind the wheel is critical for keeping your fuel costs low. Fortunately, GPS fleet tracking can help you do just that. As an added bonus, you can use GPS tracking to help automate the process for scheduling maintenance to improve fuel efficiency even more. It’s a real win for the entire fleet.

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