GPS Tracking for Inventory

16 Nov 2017

Keeping up with inventory can be painful if you’re operating a warehouse or rely on having certain supplies on hand at all time. The larger your operation, the more problematic tracking inventory can become – unless you adopt GPS tracking for your various inventory tracking needs.

You’ll discover that GPS tracking offers many benefits when it comes to tracking inventory, including those listed below.

Accurately Locate Inventory Items Quickly and Efficiently

Large warehouses can be chaotic at busy times leaving pallets sent to the wrong locations – sometimes taking days, weeks, or even months to sort out. When you use GPS tracking for your pallets, you can quickly locate specific pallets within your warehouse – and all the items contained on those pallets. This saves countless hours spent searching and increases productivity all around.

Itemize Items as They Are Received

GPS tracking for pallets allows you to quickly load the manifests for various pallets into your computer and inventory sheets to provide an accurate count of items coming into your business. Using this information, you can easily correlate the number of specific inventory items you should have on hand and remove those items when they are taken or pallets are relocated within your warehouse.

Active GPS Tracking for High Value Items

Occasionally you’ll have high-value inventory items come through your doors. This might require a little more than a cursory glance and pallet tracking for protection – especially in the case of small consumer electronics that can bring in hefty price tags on the open market and provide a great deal of temptation for sticking fingers of lower wage workers. By installing GPS trackers on individual items in your warehouse, you can track their exact locations at all times. You can even set up alerts to warn you if those items leave a certain geographic perimeter or if they are moved during designated sleep hours allowing you to alert authorities promptly if they are taken and gather evidence about where they are taken as well.

Ensures Customer Orders Are Met on Time

When items are stolen, misplaced, or pull vanishing acts in your warehouse it interferes with your ability to fulfill customer orders promptly. This can cost you valuable business in addition to the money that is lost. Use GPS tracking to reduce the likelihood of lost, stolen, or missing merchandise so you can keep your customers happy and meet their merchandising needs.

GPS tracking can help you locate items more quickly, notice immediately if items are missing, and reduce your overall security concerns making it the perfect addition to track and safeguard your inventory.

If you’re interested in realizing the above benefits and more for your inventory, give us a call at 1-888-544-0494 here at LiveViewGPS and we’re help you select the perfect GPS tracking solution for your inventory needs.



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