How GPS Tracking Helps Wine Delivery Companies

17 Aug 2016

Wine can be quite the investment for some people. Moving it, can be a tricky proposition too, which is where you come into the picture. Whether you’re moving wine for businesses or households, the odds are good that your wine delivery company can benefit greatly from GPS fleet tracking services – in all these ways and more.

Asset Tracking

Some wine bottles are very high value item. Over the years, numerous bottles have managed to “go missing” during transition. Whether stolen off the trucks while drivers were fueling up or having lunch or helped off the trucks by unscrupulous drivers, the end result is the same. GPS asset tracking can be used to track the GPS locations of individual bottles of wine. This allows you to receive a message anytime the bottles leave the truck so that you know instantly when a bottle (or many bottles) goes missing.

Driver Monitoring

Whether you suspect a driver of helping bottles off your trucks or not, driver monitoring is about so much more than suspected theft of wine bottles. GPS fleet tracking allows you to make sure your drivers are not deviating from the prescribed route, obeying speed limit laws, and not driving aggressively. This helps to prevent unscheduled breaks, running personal errands on company time, and using your vehicles for deliveries on the side (moonlighting).

Accurate Estimations

Delivery times can be of critical importance to professionals and businesses who have little time to wait around for their shipments to arrive. GPS fleet tracking allows you to provide more accurate delivery windows based on traffic, weather, and other mitigating factors. By keeping drivers on course and on schedule it can be a real benefit with customers who are fed up with inaccurate delivery windows from other businesses.

Reduce Wine Transportation Costs

Finally, your business can save a great deal of money. GPS tracking, particularly asset tracking for the bottles themselves can help to reduce your insurance costs. Driver monitoring can help ensure drivers are working fewer overtime hours, ensuring lower labor costs. And, GPS fleet tracking can help you find the most fuel efficient routes to your delivery destinations, resulting in lower fuel costs. One final benefit is that GPS fleet tracking can be used to schedule routine maintenance for vehicles resulting in better states of repair and lower costs of repairs and out of service vehicles over the lifetime of your various trucks.

All in all, wine delivery businesses, perhaps more than many other businesses, can benefit greatly from GPS fleet tracking. Why haven’t you invested in this vital technology for your business? Call us here at 1-888-544-0494 at LiveView GPS to find out more.



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