GPS Tracking for Generators

5 Sep 2018

Portable generators are highly useful. Not only can they help prevent food from going bad when the power is out in your home, but they can also power up outdoor home improvement projects when extension cords aren’t quite long enough, camping trips when you don’t want to completely “rough it,” and even to provide a supply of electricity for work sites for contractors.

They are also attractive targets for thieves. Why is this? Their value makes them attractive for reselling. They are easily portable. It is notoriously difficult to prove ownership when they are taken. There are things you can do, though, that will help protect your investment in your generator by deterring thieves, tracking your equipment, and identifying it as yours once it’s found.

Use Proactive Thief Deterrent Methods

This means you want to keep your generator out of sight whenever possible. Store it in your garage, for instance, when it’s not in use. Bolt it down to make it less easily portable or chain it to a sturdy surface that with chains and locks that will take a while and make some noise to get through. Most thieves are looking for convenient targets and want something they can grab quickly and go. Make it difficult for them and they may move on to easier targets.

Use GPS Equipment Tracking

By installing GPS asset tracking on your portable generator, you provide a means by which to track it if it’s stolen. You can even set your system up to provide alerts when your generator passes certain geographical barriers, moves at certain times of the day, etc. That means you’ll find out early when theft is occurring, so you can act quickly to recover your equipment.

Mark Your Generator with Identifiable Etchings

It is best to etch your name in an inconspicuous spot on the generator and grab a quick photo or your name and the generator’s serial number so that you can use those to identify the generator if it’s taken, aiding in the recovery of your generator once its found (which is much easier to do if you have GPS tracking).

There is no such thing as foolproof or thief-proof. But, taking the steps above can make your generator a less attractive target for thieves, aid in the recovery of your generator if it is stolen, and provide law enforcement with evidence of ownership so you can prove the generator belonged to you. These are all fantastic methods to protect your investment.

For more information on how GPS tracking can help track and locate your generator, whether its a personal or business generator, contact a LiveViewGPS professional today at: 1-888-544-0494.

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